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Lifeform Mid Back Office Chair

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Lifeform Mid Back Executive Office Chair by Relax The Back

SKU# KA2490

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The Lifeform Mid Back Office Chair is perfect for those looking for medium height office chair with exceptional ergonomic design. This mid back office chair has 5 adjustable controls that can put you in an optimal seating position to relieve pressure and encourage correct posture.

The ergonomic nature of the Lifeform Mid Back Office Chair will increase productivity by allowing you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Lifeform® Ultimate Mid Back Office Chairs come with height and width adjustable memory foam arms. The arms along with the ratchet back and seat slider, allow these chairs to easily adjust to any size user. The Lifeform Memory Foam conforms to your body to reduce the pressure. The contour seat redistributes your weight evenly over the seat surface for better circulation.

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Customer Reviews

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worth. every. penny. Review by tapps:

on 8/10/14

i purchased this chair over 5 years ago and it's still in the exact same shape as it's first day at my house. since then it's moved offices four times (soon to be five) and doesn't even show any signs of wear and tear. it is also the most comfortable char i've ever sat in. period. i do computer work full time, and have had a bad back most of my life (due to sports injuries in my teen years). this chair has been a key part of increasing my work productivity by a million (give or take), helps me focus, keeps my back feeling pain free (even on those long days) and has saved me from my own bad posture (and ability to slouch in every. other. chair i've tried).

it really has been an amazing investment for me and my long-term health.

Great chair! Review by Larry:

on 2/17/13

I used to purchase an inexpensive chair from an office supply store in the past, use it for a few years, disgard it and buy another one. They were typically, ok, but not great. I finally made the investment in the Lifeform Chair and am glad I did. The old saying "you get what you pay for" seems to be so true with this chair. The comfort, support and adjustment flexibility is wonderful. I find it almost energizing! I also purchased the rocking foot rest (a completely separate product), which seems to make a big difference. Whether you are having back problems, want to be proactive in avoiding back problems, or just want a chair that is comfortable and energizing, I highly recommend exploring the options available at Relax the Back. An office chair is a very personal item. A chair or adjustment to a chair may work for one person and not another. They have many chair options to suit individual needs.I purchased my chair from the store in Northbrook, Illinois. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the consultative approach they took to help me. No pressure, just help to find the right solution. I must note that I added the removable headrest option. I like its adjustability. Thank you!

Worth It In the Long Run Review by Bert:

on 1/28/13

I had some back problems that were due to spending too much time in a cheap office chair. After 2 years of suffering I sought help and went into physical therapy, which my insurance didn't cover (wow, big surprise). I ended up paying $4000 over one year before I was rid of the pain. During the time of treatment I purchased a good $2000 ergonomic chair. It's been 20 years since and the pain does not return. Definitely a good investment because otherwise you end up paying for medical help due to furniture related injury. As a 265 pound ex-linebacker I need a sturdy chair too, and this one is great. Mine does not squeak at all.

Worth it Review by Anon.:

on 12/16/12

I have had this chair for a couple of months with the premium leather, ratchet headrest and core flex upgrades. If you're going to spend this much on a chair, go all the way. It makes all the difference. I haven't had aches since. Also, follow up on site service has been great and covered under warranty.

Chairs are very important Review by Marc:

on 12/11/12

The best chair you can buy for your back and long hours of sitting. We all highly recommend it. It's expensive - but Will last a lifetime. Same goes for your mattress - you get what you pay for. 1/3 of your life is spent in bed, the other 1/3 in this chair.

Wonderful Chair! Review by Yosemite Sam:

on 11/24/12

I bought this chair with a headrest 5 years ago. It is, without question, the best executive offer ergonomic chair that I could ever imagine. It does take some getting used to, because you can adjust it in so many ways. But, I found that, when I worked with it (hang in there!), I was indeed able to find the "perfect" adjustments that fit me and my specific needs perfectly. I am so grateful. This chair enables me to sit for many hours at a time if I need to. This week I had 2 VERY long days, with most hours spent in and around this chair. In the past, my back AND my neck would have been killing me, and I would become exhausted and in a bad mood because of being in pain. But these days? I have no pain and no strain whatsoever as long as I sit properly in the chair, and do not go back to really bad habits that were not wise in the first place! Buy this chair ~ it is wonderful and you will not miss your pain! It is worth every penny I paid!!

Best Support Ever Review by Mike:

on 7/23/12

Bought this chair and my back hasn't hurt a day while working since. Totally worth it!!!!

do not buy Review by noname:

on 6/26/12

Do not buy this chair. It does not stay in the position you want, it squeaks worse than any chair you could ever imagine and, not it's not comfortable.

incredible relief for discomfort when sitting Review by neck issues:

on 5/11/11

I love this chair. For the first time in years I can sit at my desk for long hours. This chair is fully supportive and allows you to sink into it for complete comfort. THANK YOU.

9 Item(s)

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