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ContourSide Pillow by Relax The Back


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Created specifically for side sleepers, the ContourSide Pillow by Relax The Back® combines the shape-conforming benefits of memory foam with a unique, dual cradle design.

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Customer Reviews

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Happy Customer Review by Awsome pillow !!!:

on 12/22/12

I have bad cervical neck issues. The PA at my doctors office sent me to Relax the Back for this pillow. First I have to say the folks at Relax the Back were wonderful helping me select the pillow that was just right for me. Got the pillow yesterday. Slept on it last night. For me, no adjustment period at all. I love my new pillow. I know it was expensive but, I feel it was money well spent. I also want to thank the people who helped me select the perfect pillow!!

My New BFF Review by KP:

on 11/23/12

I have this pillow & I love it!! I did something to my spine, just below my neck. I was experiencing constant pain/discomfort, along with numbness/tingling in my fingers. After a few days of this I decided to check out a new pillow at Relax the Back, as suggested by a friend. I told the salesperson what my discomfort was & that I'm a side-sleeper. This was the first pillow she brought me. I 'rented' it for a few days. The first night I slept more hours, straight through, than I had in years. I awoke with no pain & had no pain till the end of my work day; I sit at a computer all day long. After one more night on this pillow I have had no more pain. After a few days I took the pillow back & bought my own. It's almost as if it was custom made for me. Who ever thought to make it so as your shoulder fits the way it does against the pillow is a genius.

This pillow is my new BFF & to tell you the truth, I would pay double for it. When I think of the money I have spent on bad/expensive pillows over the years - this one is money well spent.

Amazing pillow. Highly recommend. Review by Lozo0055:

on 9/1/12

I used to suffer from waking up almost every morning with terrible neck aches and dull aching headaches. So one day I thought I would google side pillows. After looking thru several pages I came to relax the back and saw this pillow. And I count my lucky stars. Literally since the day I bought this I have not woken up once with a neck ache or headache. This pillow has made my sleep so much better I can not express it enough. I have been using it for about a year now. I even take it with me when I travel, althought I may purchase the travel size to make life easier. Please do yourself a favor and purchase this pillow. It really is worth every penny. One side note, temperature changes the firmness of this pillow. The colder it is the more firm it is. Just an FYI. But literally no complaints about it, only high praises for it.

Love this pillow! Review by scott730:

on 8/1/12

I have used this pillow for 5 years. As a Side sleeper, it is the first one that actually worked for me. I use the 5" model and went in to buy a spare, $140!!!!!. So I bought a 4" which was on sale for $75. Hate it. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy the 5". I wonder how many other people would try this pillow if it was just more reasonably priced. How about it Relax The Back, cut the price and sell more pillows to people who really could use them. Make more money and have more satisfied customers to sing your praise.

quality pillow. takes some getting used to Review by ak:

on 6/28/12

Very high quality pillow. Weighs a ton. I do love the pillow for side sleeping. But it is not comfortable to sleep on your back for very long. If you ONLY sleep on your side, this pillow is for you. If you like to sleep on you back for any amount of time, this is not a comfortable least for me.

Have used this pillow for years Review by cindy:

on 5/15/12

I have been using this pillow for about 10 years. These pillows keep their shape and full support for about 3 years, then the neck support starts to sag a little (I've had 3 of them over 10 years). This time when I needed a new one the price was so steep I decided to try some other (cheaper) memory foam alternatives. I've wasted about the same amount of money of one of these buying 5 other/cheaper pillows that just don't work and now uselessly fill my closet. So I'll just have to go back to this one in spite of the high price. It is absolutely the best pillow out there (at least for me) and I'll never again stray and try others. I figure 3 years of excellent sleep is worth it for the price, which works out to about $45/year.

Price Review by Airforce kid:

on 2/3/12

I love the pillow works great an has relieved my neck and back pains when I wake up.. Only down side was I was on vacation when I bought this and my first time in the store I decided to buy this pillow it was 50% off because it was a display model and was still 75$! The regular price in store was around 150$ wtf??

Great pillow. Review by ginger:

on 2/2/12

I purchased this pillow after I found I had had a herniated cervical disk. I had been experiencing pain and stiffness upon waking. Now that I sleep on this pillow my symptoms are much less severe and I feel my head and neck are being supported so much better than with any of pillows I have used.I highly recommend this pillow for anyone who is a side sleeper. another added benefit is less stress on my jaw/tmj area.

At Last!!! Review by Lisa:

on 1/29/12

As a side sleeper, I've purchased so many pillows trying to find, "The One." I tried water, down, fiber, and other memory foams. My closets are full of useless pillows. After much research, I was fitted at Relax the Back for this pillow. Yes, the smell was a little overwhelming at first, but it soon went away. The support for my head and shoulders is great. I haven't had shoulder pain from having to have my hand/arm support my head anymore. To be sure it's right for you, go to the store and get fitted. No one needs another useless pillow.

Love it! Review by Linda:

on 7/24/11

I like this pillow much better than the Tempurpedic I have used for 15 years. Highly recommind it.

Items 11 to 20 of 23 total

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