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Zero Gravity Lift Chair by Relax The Back

SKU# PR120

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Relax in comfort and maintain your mobility with the LifeChair Zero Gravity Lift Chair. Stylishly designed, this Zero Gravity Lift Chair features a cervical pillow and lumbar support. The Zero Gravity Lift Chair also comes with an optional heat and massage function.

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Customer Reviews

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Chair, not so good; Relax the Back, first rate Review by Granny:

on 8/29/15

There's two basic kinds of lift chairs: your bare-bones 2-position model, and the 3-position, infinite-position, zero-gravity model(s), which are essentially the same. Only two companies manufacture them. They're made in China. They're junk. Relax the Back carries the latter (the one called "zero-gravity"). I've bought three of them over the past four years, two from RTB. In every case, the controller failed in a year or less, and the manufacturer balked at replacing it. Note that when the controller fails, the chair will not work, so if it's reclining and you're in it, you'll be trapped until somebody rescues you. Unfortunately, if you need one of these chairs, you don't have much choice. You can buy from an Internet company and hope the 800 number folks can help you and then wait for the replacement part to be shipped, or you can buy from Relax the Back, who will do the the best they can. But either way, the issue is the chairs and controllers are poorly made. You will be buying them regularly. Budget for it. Don't try to save money by buying the 2-position models, they're horrible. If you go the Internet-800 number route, be forewarned the fabrics are so scratchy you'll get rug burn (unless you upgrade to Brisa fabrics, which will drive the price up to the same as RTB's) -- and you will be lost in the 800-number wilderness when something goes wrong (which it inevitably will). If you need the chair, buy from Relax the Back, they're good guys.

Unsure this was the right chair Review by DDS:

on 6/29/15

I purchased this chair for my 86- year- old mom. She has a number of issues including neck and back pain, 2 knees that are bone on bone, breathing problems and dementia. I tried several recliners and purchased this lift chair mostly because of the lumbar support. I'm not sure that it was the best choice for my mom. There isn't a position we can seem to find that is just right. She cannot have the back recline much due to her breathing problems. The TV position is almost ok, but I have to raise the back for her. She wants the reclining part for the feet to be more level. There should be a way to adjust just the feet without it changing the back and vice versa, but when adjusting one, it seems to automatically adjust the other. It would also be nice if the remote had a couple of memory buttons that could be set in order to return to the perfect position. We ordered the tall, and her feet hang off of the end. I'm not sure what a 6 foot tall person would do.

overpriced and no service after sale Review by 2 seniors:

on 1/18/15

We bought 2 lift chairs about 5 years ago after we both had total knee replacements.They were satisfactory for the first 3 years but since then we've had nothing but problems. They say that since they are no longer under warranty they have no one to service or repair them. After multiple calls to our local Relax the Back they did give us the name of a medical supply store and they would only service us after their own customers. We are once again uncomfortably awaiting someone to respond to our request for help to repair these very expensive chairs.

Money well spent Review by Satisfied family member:

on 11/19/14

I purchased this chair for my 90 y/o mother, who was having increasing difficulties transferring from one chair to another with the assistance of caregivers. While expensive, this chair has been money well spent. My mother's caregivers report between chair transfers are now much easier, sparing their backs- a significant benefit. My mother also loves her new chair. She feels pleased that she is able to assist more with transfers, standing more easily with the assistance of the chair. She is clearly comfortable when seated in the chair, looking happy and relaxed. As a result of her increased comfort, she is staying up longer in the evenings, enjoying her time out of bed more. The chair can also be reclined to serve as a bed, and she frequently prefers to nap in her new lift chair. Typically, I'm not a fan of the appearance of most lift chairs and recliners, but this chair is attractive and suits my mother's sense of taste as well. We chose the Brisa simulated leather upholstery, which looks and feels like leather, is very soft to the touch, breathable and easy to clean. While managing the care of my mother, I have had to make many decisions, some working out better than others. The decision to purchase the LifeChair has been a complete success. I highly recommend this product.

The gift keeps on giving Review by Aunt Dot:

on 9/2/14

My Mother purchased this chair (Brisa) in 2008. She had a bad back, severe degenerative arthritis, and needed two knee replacements. She passed in 2009, and I thought about getting rid of the lift chair. My sister said no. Good thing, I needed the lift chair...same bad knees. Fast forward to 2013, discover my Aunt Dot has bone cancer and cannot sleep in her bed. Rented a truck, packed the chair, drove from L.A. to Monterey, and gave her the chair in which to sit and sleep. First good night's sleep in a year. Fast forward to 8/30/2014, my Aunt has passed. My Uncle now sits in the chair, and says he is, definitely, keeping it. Guess my sister and I will have to buy another one (for my knee replacements). This is truly a great chair, and well-made. You will not regret the price. It gives back!

A perfect chair for people with mobility issues. Review by Mary:

on 6/25/14

I understand this is a Golden Technologies chair made specifically for Relax The Back.
It is a simple chair, with clean lines, functional, very comfortable and good looking. I have mobility issues related to MS, can no longer sleep in a bed, have great difficulty rising from a chair. This chair functions as both bed and lift chair and is perfect for my needs. The Brisa upholstery works very well, is neither too hot nor too cold. I am very grateful to have two of these chairs, am planning to buy my third.

The Absolute Best Review by Jollytoo:

on 7/4/12

I ordered the Zero Gravity Lift Chair by Relax the Back sight unseen, although I had sat in other chairs made by the same manufacturer. I have loved this chair every day since I got it many months ago and would not even consider living without it. The Brisa fabric looks as nice as it did on Day One. So far, the mechanism works flawlessly. The memory foam plus the adjustable air bladder for lumbar support make this chair more comfortable than any other. The neck pillow comes with gobs and gobs of stuffing that can be removed and adjusted to make the chair a perfect fit. The back is as straight as it looks in the photo. There are no curves or bumps to cause a spinal misalignment and with the adjustability of the lumbar and neck supports and the responsiveness of the memory foam I find that my back adjusts itself perfectly while sitting in this chair. As a matter of fact, the first thing I do every morning is to sit in it for five or ten minutes to allow my spine to reposition for the day. I can't say enough good things about this chair. It has truly been a lifesaver for someone who has had back issues since she was a child. I didn't think I would use the lift feature since I'm not so old or decrepit that I need it, but I've found that it actually takes the strain off my weak spine, so now I use it all the time. Do not hesitate to buy this chair if you have back issues: after a little tweaking to make it fit you perfectly, you will be very happy that you did. Very happy, indeed.

Lifesaver Review by Lu:

on 3/29/12

This chair helped me tremendously in recovery from a major back surgery. I highly recommend it.

hoping she loves it Review by muriels daughter:

on 1/26/12

Mom fractured her humerus severely and is spending her first night at home after surgery.
We are waiting to have this chair delivered.for her to start recuperaitng in at her home.

better than your own bed! Review by dianejk:

on 3/27/11

The first time I perchased a lift-chair was in 1992 after returning from a month-long stay in the hospital recovering from a serious car accident. It literally gave me the mobility to get in and out of a seated position without assisance until I could reach my crutches. After a full recovery I only used the chair if I was not feeling well (stomach ache, headach, or indigestion). In 2003 I suffered a hiatal hernia and could no longer lie in a traditional bed and used my lift-chair to sleep on. While visiting my daughter in Florida, who had recently purchased the Brisa model of the Relax the Back lift chair for her Vertigo condition, I slept on it for two nights. It was unbelievable! It was the best night's sleep I have had in years! The main differences I noticed from the Brisa model and the traditional lift chair is that the lift chair's foot rest is not separated from the chair part which elminates the gap between the leg rest and the seat part, making it much easier on the legs. The chair also has more positions and can lie flatter than an ordinary lift chair. I just love it and would definitely recommend that everyone have one. It is sooo much better than a recliner and much better than a regular lift chair.
Although the chair seems a little pricey, I have to say, "How much is a good night's sleep worth?" I asked my doctors if it would be okay to use the lift chair as an alternative to a traditional bed and they all said it was fine. Now, if we could just find it on sale!

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