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McCarty's Wedge-Ease Seat Cushion


McCarty's Wedge Ease Seat Cushion can reduce spinal disc pressure while helping your lower body promote a healthier sitting position. This memory foam seat wedge conforms to your body and comes with a removable coccyx insert for sensitive tailbones. For premium sitting support wherever you go, McCarty's Wedge Ease Seat Cushion is an easy, portable solution that can bring you immediate relief.

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Customer Reviews

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Can't krave home without it!! Review by Terrani3:

on 4/29/15

Years ago I had this exact cushion and I took it everywhere because of back injuries to the L4/L5- L5/S1 discs.. I have taken it everywhere and it helps keep spasms and severe pain at bay! Planning to order more!!

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! Review by Jimmy S.:

on 2/4/15

I had a fractured tailbone and this thing saved my life. All them other cheap tailbone cushions I tried from other stores bottomed out, sagged, and made me scream in pain. I got SOOOOO tired of wasting my time buying and returning crummy cushions. I went to my local Back Store and they let me try sample cushions in my car--and even helped adjust the seat. Amazing! Sweet, sweet relief and I could drive my car again. $90? Take my money now please.

TL;DR Amazing cushion so just buy it. Get over the price. Seriously.

Great product for the rich Review by WedgeEase Cushion:

on 8/6/14

I have had this product before, and absolutely love it for sciatic / disc radiation symptoms, but it is way too pricey! Seriously.

too firm, too expensive Review by still hurting:

on 12/11/13

I thought this cushion was overpriced, but if it did the trick, it would have been worth it. However, it's far too firm and doesn't provide the cushioning I need, and I can't return it. Expensive mistake.

great product Review by jackie:

on 8/9/12

I bought this years ago for driving. I had problems with my sciatic nerve and piriformis and it did wonders. I wouldn't think of driving/riding anywhere without it.

It does get hard when it's cold out. I just bring it inside overnight.

Didn't help and can't return it Review by Another disappointed customer:

on 5/14/12

I am disappointed in this product and also that Relax the Back doesn't stand behind their products and guarantee customer satisfaction. The memory foam in this product gets hard at temperatures below 60 degrees F. This means that is is like sitting on a brick on days when the temperature is cool or cold...I'm not looking forward to winter! Also I tried it in the parking lot before I purchased it and it felt ok but after using it for a couple of weeks it really hasn't helped my back and leg issues. I wouldn't recommend this or any other product from Relax the Back beacuse if you purchase it and are not satisfied, Relax the Back won't take it back. Once you purchase this it is yours.

Disappointed customer Review by Rtb:

on 3/10/12

There are different cushions too choose from, variety on heights,and lengths and covers. Maybe you just read the description wrong or got another wedge. Dont give up on Relax the back! Everyone makes mistakes and shipping costs anywhere can be expensive or take acouple weeks. Relax the back just uses shipping companies, does not control the shipping!

7 Item(s)

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