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ContourSleep Side Sleeper Bed Wedge


The ContourSleep Side Sleeper Bed Wedge is ideal for side and back sleepers. This bed wedge is extra long to fit under the hips and elevate the upper body at a gentle angle.

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I LOVE this pillow Review by cloverab:

on 6/4/12

I have spina bifida and arachnoiditis. I have a memory foam bed, but this has been an addition that is out of this world. I am in love!! It is perfect for back sleepers like me and I guess side sleepers too. It is very comfortable and puts you at just the right angle to get a perfect night's sleep. If you have any problems that this is a remedy for, you will not be sorry you spent the money. It is a little too expensive but worth every penny for a good night's sleep for years to come.

great pillow Review by reflux suffer:

on 5/15/12

I am taking medication that is causing severe acid refulx-this pillow has helped cut down on the number of nights I wake up to acid reflux issues significantly. worth every penny.

comfortable, long enough to support back and hips, removeable cover for washing, durable (my kids play with it during the day)

it is a challenge to find a pillow to go with it, but I have found one and it works wonders. some sliding does occur during the night, but not too much.

I found I need to put a pillow between my knees-rather it's bc of the wedge or not, I do not know, but i never needed one before.

I haven't regretted my purchase and feel this product is well worth the price for durability.

A negative is that the store doesn't allow returns, so definitely try before you buy. And the wedges do feel differently on different mattresses, but will conform to your own body for maximum comfort.

Need one more Review by BC:

on 5/3/12

I have one, its slightly smaller then the one shown. I use for traveling. I have adjustable bed for home. These work best for people with severe back problems who only sleep on their backs.

Comfortable sleeping wedge, good for reflux & more Review by Andi:

on 2/4/12

As others have noted, I bought the Side Sleeper Wedge with the hopes I could get my heartburn/reflux under control. I did not like taking Prilosec on a regular basis and wanted to get off it as it's meant as short term therapy not long term.

The wedge has paid for itself many times over in terms of the money I would have spent on heartburn/reflux medications. And I find the wedge comfortable, both as a side and back sleeper. I have been sleeping on the same wedge for about two years now. It is starting to show some wear (slight indentations on the thin part of the wedge) but it is not interfering with my sleep.

High density foam (what the wedge is made out of) tends to be a bit on the warm/hot side. We have a ceiling fan which helps with any heat up I experience.

The cover is removable and washes nicely. I was concerned about getting the cover back on the wedge after washing but it went on easily. I would buy a cotton pillow case if they made one to fit the wedge but they don't.

Finding a pillow that works perfectly with the wedge can be a challenge. I would like to find the "small cervical neck pillow" but it's not showing up on their site. I use a down alternative that's fairly mushy.

Sometimes I find that I slide down the wedge during the night but I think this is unavoidable, a side effect of gravity. When we had our bed propped up on bricks the sliding down phenomena was far worse.

In summary:
Pros-comfortable, reasonably priced, graduated longer length that fits body, removable washable cover, helps control reflux, less sliding than propping bed up, good for side & back sleepers

Cons-runs warm, no fitted pillow case available, some sliding, challenge finding neck pillow that goes with wedge

back OR side-- choose one! Review by Kat:

on 4/17/11

After lots of research and trying other wedges in store, I chose this one based on the dimensions (length is great) and other features. I think it would work well IF you sleep mostly on your back OR mostly on your side. Unfortunately, I change positions between the two several time during the night, and this wedge does NOT work in such circumstances.

Sleeping on the back requires the cervical pillow to keep your neck properly positioned. If you stay on your back all night, the wedge is probably great. Sleeping on the side doesn't work with the cervical pillow-- you need another pillow under your head, which is fine until you change positions and need the cervical pillow again!

Using the wedge required me to either change pillows under my head multiple times during the night which is not restful, or convert to sleeping exclusively on my back OR side, which I couldn't do.

Just wanted other users to be aware of this problem with the pillow if you change positions during the night. If you can commit to sleeping on just your back or just your side, this product has alot of potential.

I'm a convert! Review by Suzy:

on 9/7/10

I bought this wedge after reading about the general health benefits of sleeping on an incline. I do not suffer from major health problems, but do snore when sleeping on my back. I usually sleep on my side, but noticed the first night that I did not immediately start snoring when switching to my back, as I usually do on a Saturday morning sleep-in. This pillow is super-fantastic comfortable and I was in love with it the very first night! I noticed the very first time I slept on it that I felt better in the morning and, indeed, throughout the day. That feeling has continued throughout the subsequent days I have used the wedge. Morning congestion is gone as well. Sleeping on an incline is also supposed to rev up detoxification, and I have definitely noticed beneficial detox symptoms, which I am too polite to describe. Purchasing this product seemed much safer than raising my none-too-sturdy bed-frame onto blocks and was easier to obtain than a six-foot wedge.

I have read that sleeping on an incline will help cure varicose veins after a month or so. I coincidentally noticed a couple of days after I bought this wedge that I do indeed have a small area of varicose and spider veins on my calf, and am waiting to see if they improve with this wedge. Even if they don't, I will continue to use this wedge because I feel so darned much awful much better in the morning than with any other sleep system.

I am only giving it 4 stars for quality and value because, although they seem great, I have no idea as to the long-term durability of this product yet. I have used it on my regular mattress, using my same old feather pillow. I don't slide down during the night nearly as much as described in sleeping on a genuine full-length incline. This wedge cradles and comforts me, and I will not be without it ever again! The first night I fell asleep without grabbing it, I woke up sorely missing it indeed!

Helpful for gerd and snoring Review by mloren:

on 9/6/10

I was advised to get a wedge by an ENT. I could not find one at the usual Walmart, etc and bought it at relax the back. I like the length of this wedge and I found it comfortable to sleep on within one or two nights. I seem to sleep with less interruption. I am noticing less nasal congestion symptoms and my wife is noticing my breathing/snoring is markedly improved. I think this size wedge is better than the shorter wedges. It has an obvious gradual slope to it. It gives nice back support. I sleep on my side and back and find it very comfortable. I also use a soft polyester pillow and insert a cervical roll (McKenzie roll) in the pillow. This combination with the wedge works well for me. I would highly reccommend this.

Wonderful Pillow! Review by Jenny:

on 8/28/10

I used this for pillow for 9 months during my last pregnancy because I suffered from severe acid reflux and this pillow was like a miracle! I was able to sleep laying down rather than sitting up. Very comfy! I highly recommend. (I am a side sleeper and used the pillow sleeping on my side).

Bed wedge for reflux and COPD Review by Terri Rossi, MS, NCMMT, GCFP:

on 6/17/10

I regularly use this wedge for my patients who have acid reflux problems or have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and place it directly on the treatment table. When using this wedge as a sleeping aid, it seems to work best for people who sleep on their BACK, and it can be used successfully for SIDE sleeping if the knees are bent with a standard pillow placed between the legs.

Side sleeper bed wedge for reflux Review by Pearl:

on 5/6/10

I visted the store and tried most of the wedges that were suggested for my reflux. In the store I narrowed the selection down to this one after laying on it for a few minutes. At the store it felt so wonderful and comfortable. When I got home and tried it the first night, it just did not feel right. After about the first hour, I determined it felt hard, and it did not conform to my body. Being a side sleeper, it just did not work for me. I struggled with it for three hours. I finally took it off the bed and got my old two pillows. I tried it unsuccessfully the next two nights, but still no luck. That was about six months ago, and just this week, I thought since I was still having problems with reflux, I would try it again. For two nights, I attempted again. Still very uncomfortable!
I really think if one does not have the memory foam bed, it will not feel like it does in the store. My mattress is about twenty years old and is not foam. I want to use the wedge so badly, but can't buy a mattress that expensive. This has been my honest experience. It just does not conform to the body laying on ones side. I feel like I wasted valuable money.

Items 11 to 20 of 20 total

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