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TravelLite Seat Cushion by Lifeform


Go anywhere, do anything and sit in complete comfort, no matter where you are. Many vehicles, luxury automobiles included, make it difficult to maintain good body posture.



Customer Reviews

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Transformed my car seat! Review by Boyd:

on 3/22/13

I drive a VW Jetta on my daily commute which averages about one hour (each way). The seat bolsters irritated the backs of my legs so I started shopping for a good quality seat cushion. I was familiar with the Lifeform office chairs and was happy to find that they also made this seat cushion. I have been extremely pleased as it made an otherwise uncomfortable seat VERY comfortable. Great product!

Great for Tailbone Pain Review by Steve:

on 9/28/12

I drive 2 hours round trip to work each day and developed terrible tailbone pain. This seat cushion fixed the problem after several weeks of use by removing the tailbone cutout. Would recommend this seat to anyone. Takes a little getting used to sitting up a little higher in your seat if you are tall but well worth the money. Still looks brand new after a year of use.

Makes overly firm car seats comfortable. Review by R:

on 9/12/12

Very helpful Relax The Back store staff pointed me to this seat cushion which solved the problem of my 2012 Honda Accord that has overly firm front seats.

Pro: Very comfortable. Large size covers entire car seat. Makes you almost forget that you're sitting on a cushion. Gripping backing keeps it in place.

Cons: Only available in black cloth that's a little bit scratchy. Wish it was available in tan leather.

Hip pain Review by Matt:

on 6/13/12

I have an MDX and the seat is made for a person half my size, and I'm not that big at 6ft 200 lbs. I was having severe hip pain because of the contouring of the seat. I even went to a hip specialist and they said it wasn't the seat. However, the pain only went away when I got this cushion. It's been a true life changer. I recommend it to anyone who has an MDX where the seat is ultra uncomfortable.

excellent Review by teri:

on 5/25/12

I have fibromyalgia. This cushion goes everywhere with me, especially on airplanes ( since it is somewhat flexible it curves up into the seats even on small aircraft). With it I can sit for several hours. With out it, 15 min. max. It has been a major factor in my getting on with my life.
I encase the cushion in a pillow case. Not very attractive. It keeps it clean but more importantly it keeps me from leaving it behind! The demur dark blue cover blends into everything. I'd prefer it to stand out. Its too expensive to lose.

A must have!!! Review by Becky:

on 1/19/12

This seat cushion saved my life when it comes to traveling for long periods of time in the car! I LOVE it! It's very roomy, so one size would fit all! I have had NO problem with the zipper protruding at all. It's a wonderful tool, if you have back issues of any kind. I highly recommend. I will never be without one of these in my vehicle!!!

Perfection at Last Review by Design Girl:

on 12/26/11

After ordering and returning 4 seat cushions from other manufactures at last I found perfection with this one. The size is nice and comfy (ordered one from Brookstone that must be made for a size zero bottom) for my size 10 bottom. There is plenty of cushion that is not too soft and not too hard but just perfect! But the best is the removable tailbone cutout, located under the seat cover, just unzip the cover and push the foam cutout and store for later if you want to replace it. Yes its not cheap but for me I was in so much pain it was worth every penny to find the perfect cushion. Also, some reviews have stated the zipper was a problem on leather seats. Although the zipper is exposed, I didn't find it to be extremely sharp or protruding but as an extra precaution since I have a new car with leather seats I did put a small piece of fabric and tape over the zipper. THIS SEAT IS THE BEST SO DON'T THINK TWICE JUST ORDER IT!

Relieves my sciatica pain Review by Wolfy:

on 10/24/11

I use this cushion, along with the Travel-Lite lumbar support, on my computer chair and can surf the Web for hours without feeling any sciantica pain. I have degenerative spinal disease and I have never been able to find a proper support until I purchase both cushions. I don't have an expensive computer chair so this idea was a tremendous relief for me.

Returned Review by Jack:

on 4/26/11

Found that the zipper was so exposed with sharp points that it would cut my leather upholstery. Fabric was too course for riding while wearing summer shorts. Otherwise it was near perfect and I hated to return it. It was expensive but if the zipper issue can be fixed I would consider buying another.

great for any seat Review by cutty:

on 3/29/11

I bought a new car and after a while the seat started to mess up my back. I bought this cushion thinking it would help in my car but it didn't and I sold the car.

In my office chair this cushion is fabulous. I have a Herman Miller Areon chair and the bottom was starting to sag a little. Adding this cushion to this chair is perfect. Yes, it is expensive but I've never used anything that works this well.

The only negative I can think of is it's really hard when it's cold. Around 40 degrees it becomes rock hard! Not really a big deal.

Items 11 to 20 of 28 total

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