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Dr. Cohen's Acuball Kit


The Acuball safely applies acupressure heat to painful, congested areas of the body. The Acuball comes with an empowering 190 page book and a 60 minute DVD.



Customer Reviews

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Best Back Product I've Used Review by david d:

on 1/19/16

I've tried a LOT of back care products and most of them are pretty lousy - the Acuball is by far the BEST.
The heat is so comforting and I actually feel notably better after my daily 20 minute session.
I am actually quite amazed at how much this has helped my neck and back - I used to go to physio 2 times per week but honestly the Acuball does more for me at no cost.

I have bought 3 for my friends and family and everyone swears by it. Simply amazing!

Bruises on my back Review by Katie:

on 3/11/15

I tried using this several times. It helped some with the pain but the nobs left little bruises all over my back. I'd recommend using a lacrosse ball instead.

Best Back Pain Product I've Ever Used Review by Phyllis:

on 5/24/12

I have tried a lot of different products over the years for my back pain and I had to write in about this - I have basically changed my back pain for horrible to completely good. I use the mini Acuball under my feet, the large heated Acuball (the HEAT FEELS AMAZING!!!!) in the front of both hips and then in my low back.

The whole thing takes me a bout half an hour and feels incredibly relaxing.

By the time I finish my pain is gone and I sleep like a baby!

Wish I knew about the Acuball before I spent all that money at my Chiropractor!

Dr. Oz recommended this and now I know why! Review by Tricia:

on 7/25/11

I saw this on the Dr. Oz show and since I love Dr. Oz decided to get one. I use it behind my back when I'm on the computer and it makes an incredible difference - my low back pain is GONE!
What upsets me is how much money I spent at my physiotherapist's office and she never recommended this!
Everyone needs an Acuball, PERIOD!

Helped my low back pain a lot! Review by Tammy:

on 5/10/11

I have to write about how much this helped me. The heated large Acuball was used everyday for about 30 minutes and made a big difference in my low back pain. I bought another one for my mother and she also loves it.

Very worthwhile use of my money! Review by Chris R:

on 1/16/11

I have spent a lot of money on treatments from my physiotherapist and massage therapist and honestly I can say this thing is worth it's weight in gold! I use it for 20 minutes every night before I go to bed and it makes a huge difference in my low back pain. I go for a lot less treatment now and I figure this thing saves me money every time I use it. Worth every cent!

Fantastic product - highy recommended!!!! Review by Denise D:

on 9/30/10

I love this thing - really, it is amazing. The large Acuball heats up after 1 minute in the microwave and feels absolutely incredible behind my back. I am amazed how well this works.
The mini-Acuball is excellent for my aching feet. The book is excellent - the Computer user's chapter was worth it alone!
Overall this is one of the best back products I've ever used.

7 Item(s)

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