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Luma Recliner by Positive Posture


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Relieve stress on your spine and lower back muscles with the Luma Recliner from Positive Posture.

The Positive Posture Luma Recliner is a sophisticated choice offering superb comfort and "transitional" styling-clean lines, a comfortable marriage of traditional and contemporary sensibilities, a balance of masculine and feminine flavor.

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Customer Reviews

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Yes, the Luma has adjustable lumbar support Review by The Other Guy:

on 12/5/15

The review by Looking for Lumbar Support is incorrect. I sat in the Luma today at RTB and was shown how the lumbar support is adjustable for height and can be removed completely. While it's unlikely that I will buy the Luma because another chair fits me better, the Luma is a very nice chair. It is also available in a "tall" size that has a taller back.

Best chair I have ever sat in Review by JJ:

on 4/6/15

I am 5'4 and this chair fits my size perfectly. Since lumbar disc surgery managed to increase my lower back pain, this is the only place I sit at home. It is not the greatest chair to sit upright in, but, reclined, it eases the pain in my back and gives me great relief. In fact, I usually fall asleep in this chair, and can't wait to sit in it...ok, I just about live in this chair. I have no lumbar support issues like another reviewer, but I know there is an inflatable lumbar pillow that was given to me and put inside the chair when I bought it. For someone with chronic pain, the automatic controls make getting in and out, and getting comfortable, easy...without any stress on my back. I had my eye on this chair for nearly a year before I bought it because of the expense, but I haven't looked or regretted it once.

Best recliner out there Review by DJF:

on 1/5/15

Have owned three recliners before the Nova. Far superior for comfort and quality. Adjustable to meet specific comfort requirement.

LUMBAR SUPPORT Review by Looking for Lumbar Support:

on 3/8/14

This chair has no lumbar support at all. The spot where the lumbar support pillow is placed does not have solid backing. Instead of being attached to a solid part of the chair it is attached by velcro to a piece of material that stretches. The larger the pillow that may be used the more that part of the chair stretches with zero lumbar support added. Is it possible that regardless of the size of the pillow used that there is no lumbar support. Amazing that a store that is called "RELAX THE BACK' could be that out of touch with the ergonomics of this chair. Please correct me if I am wrong and explain how I can get good lumbar support from my chair. Until then I feel deceived and ripped off. Thank you for your time.

Great chair...took it home from the store on Monday. Review by Muncy Gal:

on 1/23/14

I had an original zero-gravity recliners when they first came out. The chair was a manual unit and finally gave out
last fall. I have had two back surgeries and I spent many nights sleeping in the chair because it was the only place I could get relief from the pain. When I sat in this chair Monday, it was love at first sit! I now have electric controls and the added adjustments to the lumbar and cervical padding is great. Love this chair!

Great Quality for the Price. Easy to Operate. Review by David:

on 10/28/13

Unbelievably comfortable. Feels like I'm floating away. Just the right amount of support and the ability to fine-tune the angle of the back and the footrest with the two controls is nice. The workmanship seems very high and they have a good warranty.

6 Item(s)

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