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Human Touch Power Perfect Chair

SKU# PC510

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The Human Touch Power Perfect Chair Series 2 features a smooth-gliding power reclining motion that eases the chair into a physician-recommended zero-gravity seating position, ideal for alleviating stress and improving performance.

The Power Perfect Chair is one of Relax The Back's most popular chairs. The PC-510 features reclining technology that allows you to easily recline into a zero-gravity position, which can alleviate pressure on your spine and reduce stress on your body.

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Customer Reviews

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Poor Design Review by Bob:

on 12/1/14

It's a comfortable chair, but for the $2500 each that we paid for each of our chairs, I expect Human Touch to own up to a faulty design. The brake for reclining uses an inadequate bicycle brake cable. The barrel end holding it in place will break off. You will have to buy a replacement from Human Touch at a profit for them. Likewise with the $10 shipping fee for something that could go in a small envelope. When in need of small replacement parts for other items in the house, items that were far less expensive, companies have frequently sent the parts gratis.

My mom liked our chairs and was seriously considering buying one, but not now.

Only Chair I've Found That Allows Me to Sit Comfortably After A Ruptured Disc And Pricey But Worth Every Penny Review by Perfect Chair Fan:

on 3/7/14

This chair has made the difference between total isolation laying flat on the floor and being able to sit with the family and go to work. I literally cannot sit comfortably after rupturing a disc and suffering nerve root impingement EXCEPT in this chair and another similar Perfect Chair I own, the PC 75. Both take the weight off my lower back and allow me to sit in a weightless position. I have this model at work with the laptop desk that attaches and I use a workrite monitor arm so my PC screen can swing in front of me. Obviously, it hasn't cured my back issues but it does not aggravate them and its a blessing as there is nothing quite like it. All they could do to improve is make one with caster wheels and then it could be a true office chair. I do recommend the memory foam on this model. On the PC 75 it doesn't need it in my opinion as the chair is more padded and better in my opinion for getting comfy in front of the tv. This one I use to work in and it's really remarkable.

This Chair Changed My Life-Worth Every Penny! Review by TAMMY_N_TX:

on 4/4/13

Yes, the price may be a lot for a "chair" but you will find that it is the best investment you could make! I tried it in the store and immediately got a "euphoric" feeling when the pressure was taken off of my back. I couldn't forget that feeling. Although you may think it's in your mind that a chair could make such a difference, it hasn't changed a bit after months of use! I can't wait to get in my chair every single evening. I add a heating pad under my back and my favorite throw... it's as close to heaven as I'll get on this earth! I cannot urge you enough to get it and DO NOT WAIT! All you are doing is hurting uselessly without it.

3 Item(s)

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