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ContourSleep Knee Spacer


This hourglass-shaped knee spacer, now with pressure-sensitive memory foam, is just the solution to align your spine.



Customer Reviews

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Great Pillow Review by Martikaz:

on 1/21/14

I really like this pillow! I have bony knees(like previous reviewer) and agree this pillow is great! I also use another pillow for my upper body when side sleeping at night because I feel the need to lean on something. So- I feel that it's a perfect knee pillow for watching tv or taking a quick nap(to use alone during day). For night sleeping I use this along with a few other pillows. I have nothing bad to say about the pillow!

great! Review by K:

on 10/19/13

I read other review, may be true for bigger people. But for a thin person who's knees are boney, like myself, this pillow is heaven. I am a side sleeper and I can put this between my thighs, it is so comfy, and then as I trun from sdie to side all night, I can keep it there as I flip over - which I could not do with a bigger pillow like a body pillow. My husband has long lean legs and we fight over it. My knees and hips in the mornign feel so much better. LOVE this thing. So soft and easy to position.

Poor design. Review by Stevie:

on 4/10/11

Item is very small and difficult to keep positioned appropriately between your legs, especially if you move around alot at night. Can be uncomfortable if not positioned correctly, restricting leg circulation and causing pressure areas. Not recommended for larger individuals, patients with vascular problems, or elderly with thin skin.

3 Item(s)

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