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ContourSleep Bed Wedge System


The ContourSleep Bed Wedge System is the adjustable bed wedge that allows you to elevate your legs and recline in a natural position. This relaxation system reduces pressure on the spine while relieving muscle tension to help you sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed. By positioning your legs up and reclining your back, this wedge system helps you comfortably maintain an ergonomic body posture that allows increased circulation. This wedge pillow system is perfect for those who struggle with sleep apnea, as its design allows easier breathing, reduced heart stress, muscle tension relief, and increased comfort while you sleep.



Customer Reviews

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Great relief for lower back pain Review by Meelee:

on 7/16/15

I have disintegrating discs in my lower back and suffer from lower back pain frequently. I looked at an adjustable bed frame that offered a zero gravity position but it cost over $3000. I found Relax The Back online and their contour wedge system for $300 . The wedges are lightweight but sturdy and soft You can arrange the wedges in different positions for different pain areas. The zero gravity position of the wedges gets rid of my pain when I'm trying to go to sleep. The wedges works great. I am very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend to anyone seeking pain relief.

velcro straps Review by tauras:

on 5/2/15

This would be my 3rd 2 piece pillow'system'. The first being purchased 10-15 years ago the other probably 5yrs ago are attached together by a pillow case effectively making it all one piece being able to swing into either position without losing each piece and has velcro straps for extra hold. The latest pillow design does not have the one piece pillow case and relies on velcro straps to keep the pillow together. The upright position holds true but while lying in the prone position the velcro straps peals away easily leaving you to constantly adjust the two pillow pieces.Quite aggravating, especially in the middle of the night. Wish RTB left as was. Why fix something that isn't broke as they say.

GO NO FURTHER!! Review by 3kids3dogs:

on 6/7/13

This is absolutely my favorite sleep system. When I had major surgery and had to sleep on my back for 3 months I bought this set and the additional pillow. I slept like a baby! Now, whenever my friends or relatives have surgery or back pain, I buy and send them this set!!! Everyone loves it and I get the satisfaction of knowing I gave them something that actually WORKS!!!

This system works for me at 5ft. 2 in. Review by nikki:

on 3/3/13

This wedge system works well for me. I injured my lumbar area a few years ago and just recently fell, twisting my back!!
The support is gentle, just firm enough!

Just didn't work for me Review by Cathy B.:

on 2/18/13

I was so excited about receiving this product, hoping that I would finally have a good night's sleep. Unfortunately that was not to be. My back pain radiates from my tail bone and while the wedges did help to alleviate this pain, my upper back and neck became stiff and sore. Additionally, I am just 5'2" and I found the leg wedge just too high for me to comfortably rest my knees. When the wedge is open it is quite clumsy and takes up so much room on the bed that my husband does not have much room, and I need to use my own covers. Perhaps I can get the wedges cut to size and that would help. In the meantime, I would suggest that this system come in additional sizes.

On a different note, it took over one month for me to receive the item (after several attempts to find out how long before it arrives). And now I see, just one month later that the item has been reduced in price. Oh well

Highly recommended Review by DD:

on 8/26/12

I bought this set 10 years ago for post-surgical recovery. It helped me sleep with a minimum of pain. I have used it after back injuries and anything that has required head elevation, and it's still in great shape. However, the incline on the leg wedge is a little too long for me when sitting in the upright position. (I'm 5'4".) This was easily solved with a smaller inexpensive leg wedge, also from RTB.

Daughter can't sleep without it Review by Jerri:

on 6/7/12

I bought this entire system for our daughter who is extremely ill with cancer throughout her little body. I had her oncologist review it before purchasing it and he said yes, absolutely that was what she needed. She cannot sleep without this system. Even when she has been back in the hospital we have carried it and used it there as well. It has been more than worth the money just to see our daughter be able to get some rest and sleep. Definitaly worth the money!!

Absolutely Miraculous! Review by VICTORIA:

on 4/15/12

In 2002 I underwent 14 hours of spinal surgery on L3-L5. I had one disc removed, a bone graft from my left hip, and 2 rods, 6 pedicle screws, spacer brackets, wires and a permanent battery (to stimulate fusion) placed. Since then, though I have regained my ability to walk, I am always in pain. I bought a TempurPedic mattres, and have tried all sorts of supports in order to sleep well and not wake up to severe pain and crippling muscle spasms - to no avail. This wedge system (I bought the cervical pillow as well) is amazing. It took me a few nights to adjust to it, but this morning was the first time in more than 15 years that I got out of bed without the assistance of pain killers and muscle relaxers BECAUSE I WAS NOT IN PAIN AT ALL! I cannot believe how well this works, I feel absolutely amazing!

Love it!! Review by Rosebud:

on 3/25/12

Bought this for post surgery. I had to stay inclined for a few weeks. Designed to your comfort level, (adjustable). Definitely a 5 star, worth the price!!!!

Love these :) Review by Andre:

on 12/29/11

I use them for marathon gaming sesions and then rise feeling rested :D

I used to put them on a flat futon facing the TV which works great but I got rid of it and will probably just use a big pillow or mattress that I can move around to where i wish to lounge lol

10 Item(s)

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