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Variable Balans Kneeling Chair

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Variable Balans Chair


The Variable balans kneeling chair is the perfect instrument for working at a desk – for both children and adults.

The Variable balans kneeling chair encourages your body to move and reacts to every one of its movements. Body and chair, action and reaction, in a cycle of continuous motion that energizes and enlivens your body and mind while you're working at your desk. 

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Customer Reviews

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I dig it Review by Tommy T:

on 7/14/15

This chair is great. Very comfortable, but do take the time to ease into it. Still a little uneasy about the price tag, but it is well made and easy to assemble. I'd buy it again.

helps the back but my feet go numb Review by kinabnet:

on 11/12/13

I work from home and admit I continue to struggle finding the perfect chair for me to alleviate upper back and shoulder/neck pain. This chair can help me with that, even help with pain already settling in from using one of my other chairs. Only problem I have is I can't sit long, because my feet get cold. Sometimes, they even go numb. Also, one of my knee pads stripped at the bolt, so it constantly re-loosens.

Nice design Review by Sharron:

on 3/10/13

There is no adjustment for short people.
I wish it had wheels.
Too expansive.

not for me Review by Gina:

on 10/3/12

Comfortable while leaning back on the backrest. At 5'2", the knee rest is too far away. I kept sliding down. Considering the environment I work in, it was impossible to look behind me to carry on a conversation with co-workers since there were no wheels. In summary, I need to be taller and the chair needs wheels!

aye yi! yi! Review by smart shopper:

on 2/13/12

There is an office chair here that I know would help me deal with my disabling chronic pain situation. Sitting & posture is really a peoblem for me of course that means using a computer, reading, etc of course. Im young and on Social Security & there is not enough to afford this wonderfully functional chair that I really want. If you have pain in your shoulders or neck and the $$ to purchase - BUY IT!!

By far the BEST kneeling chair/overall office chair I've ever owned Review by Marc:

on 2/13/12

I can safely say that this was one of the best purchases I've ever made. After doing much research, I found that this is the original design and has been made the exact same way since the 1970s which I really like. Aside from the tremendous quality of the wood and the fact that it is made in Norway to this day, it is easily the most comfortable kneeling chair I have ever tried. It even beats out my old executive chair on wheels. I love the fact that it rocks back and forth and find my self putting one leg forward or to the side while rocking. I don't feel overburdened with cushion and instead feel more active and engaged in my work. My shoulder/neck pain has ceased. I was a bit worried about my knees but as I have seen this chair described they are essentially "shin rests" and most of my weight is in my seat NOT on my knees. The comfort and quality level of this chair is top notch and I plan on purchasing a second chair for my home office.

6 Item(s)

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