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TEMPUR-Neck Pillow


The TEMPUR-Neck Pillow, from Tempur-Pedic, is designed for maximum pressure relief. It's recommended for those seeking not only a better night's sleep but also a more therapeutic sleep.

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Customer Reviews

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Best value for neck pain! Review by Christina Z:

on 9/12/14

Love it. I took this pillow everywhere I go- China Boston Camping to more than 6 National Park!

Great.It saved me from tremendous pain!! Review by LindaSue:

on 8/10/14

My neck, (I didn't know about it,) had been fractured for more than a year. I bought it 3-4yrs before. The smell at least for me, was tollerable enough to allow me a full night's sleep in 2years. After 2yrs-restless and No sleep, I was Absolutely thrilled to get A Full Night's Sleep the 1st Night!! As my neck got worse, to after break in 2, & one vertebrae jammed into my spinal cord, not good!!! Tremendous Pain
I was in the Most pain in my life-I've given birth to 5 children, No Drugs!! This though didn't last a day or 2, this was several years of pain building. It was diagnosed in 2001. I was told to hv surgery a yr prior to when the fracture occurred! Not just months in bed, almost 1 1/2 Year's if "labor, at it's worst!!"
I Had to lay down 1yr b4 the actual break. I tried Every pillow in the House! The pillow did not stop the pain, but it make it so I was able to breath! I'm so glad I bought that $100.00 pillow when I did! Like trying to do the calculus you failed in high school, during a really Hard contraction. In that much pain, your brain get's a bit occupied then, you Can't Think Logical I'd never thought of it when the pain Really Came Cracking Down

That's a very expensive Review by Jack:

on 6/16/14

That's a very expensive pillow but I am sure it can give you the comfort that you need! My husband bought me my desired pillow, too when I was pregnant. It cost $29 for just one pillow and I wasn't willing to pay for it myself if I had to buy it. I know, I am a cheapskate! Hahaha. I love pillows. I sleep using at least four of them!

Poor Review by Bunkey:

on 1/16/14

Just plain stunk! even after airing out on my covered deck for over a month. Ended up throwing the pillow in the trash.

The thing stinks, literally Review by Wayne:

on 12/31/13

Once it arrived, I took the pillow out of its plastic covering and allowed it to air out for almost a month. Even after that length of time, it had a distinct odor. Not to worry, the literature accompanying the pillow assures you that this is a harmless odor. Why does this harmless odor irritate my sinuses then? Great idea. Just make the same pillow out of something far less offensive to those of us who still have a sense of smell.

Worth every penny Review by Just ducky:

on 12/28/13

This pillow has made a big difference in my life. Great for side sleepers such as myself. I don't leave the house for a single night without it.

Comfortable Review by Alexandra Chan Katz.:

on 10/26/13

I like the Tempur Pedic products. I have the queen mattress and the neck pillow . The neck pillow allows me to sleep comfortably and supports my neck. Great quality and well worth the price. You get what you pay for.

Smell it before you buy it Review by Connie:

on 11/11/12

This pillow is comfortable although it has a pungent smell,. It comes in a plastic bag but that has a different smell., just check it before you buy it.
I washed the pillow case but the smell still there. It has been two weeks since I bought it , I hope the smell goes away soon because it wakes me up in the middle of the night.
Good Luck!

Hot, Hot, Hot Review by yafman:

on 7/24/12

I am a side sleeper with neck spasm issues and this pillow is excellent for keeping my neck in alignment. i use a "queen large" size as i am over 6' tall and the way it retains heat is brutal for me in the 100 degree summers - i literally change pillowcases every other day, and since it's contoured there is no way to flip it over in the middle of the night. having said that, until i find a viable alternative it's still the best option for me.

Stops neck pain during sleep Review by Wolfy:

on 10/24/11

I have used this brand pillow for many years and have never woken up with a stiff neck. It's very comfortable for side or back sleepers, but be sure that you get the correct pillow size. The friendly ladies of customer support will be happy to help you size your pillow so give them a call if you need help.

All of my orders for cushions and pillows come via UPS and I was surprised how fast they came. My cushions came in 5 days and my pillow in 7 days.

10 Item(s)

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