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PureRelax Contour Mattress


The PureRelax Contour Mattress is made with a combination of our 2 exclusive memory foams, EcoMemoryFoam and LiveResponseFoam. This open cell mattress material relieves pressure points, improves circulation and breathing, and properly cradles the spine.

EcoMemoryFoam (top layer) is combined with LiveResponseFoam (bottom layer) to bring you a sleep-science breakthrough in comfort and support, creating a buoyant effect that soothes the contours to your body. This mattress also features the highest possible level of “open cell” technology, allowing air to flow more freely and heat to dissipate faster for a cooler sleep surface.

In addition, this bed is eco-friendly. It was made from sustainable and rapidly renewable plant-based materials in a patented process that produces zero air emissions. This bed is not only good for your back and contours, but it’s good for the planet as well.

The PureRelax Mattress is covered with our exclusive Ivory Memstretch fabric ticking. This fabric is made of eco-friendly bamboo fibers woven with Spandex® and Memstretch®. This material is not only extremely stretchable and resilient, but is also naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to allergens and dust mites.
$1,099.00 to $1,677.00

Customer Reviews

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Great Product in an Eco-friendly Package Review by Mary86:

on 8/7/12

After owning a well-know brand memory foam mattress for over 10 years, I was hesitant to switch brands due to brand reputation. All I had to do was try this bed in the store and after much comparison shopping, I couldn't pass on this mattress. It doesn't have the sinking feeling of other memory foam mattresses. It provides firm support while feeing soft against your body at the same time. I've had this bed for over 2 weeks now and I love it. I wake up in the morning feeling well rested and without the shoulder pain I used to experience sleeping on my old mattress.

1 Item(s)

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