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TEMPUR-Contour Allura


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The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Allura comes with a pillow-top layer made from TEMPUR-HD, which is the higher-density version of the authentic TEMPUR memory foam material. Therefore, the Contour Allura's plush pillow-top makes for a stable, medium-soft sleeping surface. This mattress is also highly responsive, as the Tempur material molds around your body for a consistently sound sleep. If you experience painful pressure points or any orthopedic problems, this bed can provide both full-body relief as well as an overall luxurious sleep. The TEMPUR material is adorned with a silk/bamboo blend cover, featuring contrasting micro suede mattress quilting. For the perfect balance between comfort and body therapy, the Contour Allura gives you everything you need to sleep well each night.
$3,799.00 to $11,843.00

Customer Reviews

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Worst Mattress Ever Review by Jim in St. Louis:

on 1/24/13

I bought this mattress in '09 believing the hype that a high end mattress would give me a wonderful sleeping experience - was I ever wrong. First I tried the DeluxeBed. I do not have a bad back, but this mattress sags and I awoke most mornings with a lower back ache, something that didn't happen on my old inner spring mattress. Thinking it was my mattress selection, I exchanged (upgraded at considerable additional expense) it for a more expensive mattress, the Allura. It has the same problem - Tempur sags under weight and I only weigh 160 lbs. I know this because I dissected this very expensive mattress and removed the Tempur layer. Without the Tempur layer there is no more sag and no more lower back ache. I don't normally write reviews, but because I read them as a means of evaluating products before I purchase, I had to share my (bad) experience with these mattresses.

Excellent Review by AnnaKing:

on 12/24/11

I wake up refreshed. I use to wake during the night and turn on the TV. Now I am up before the alarm and i don't have to nap during the day.

Not That great Review by Buck:

on 12/16/11

I had a celebrity bed that I liked. Then I got the allura, I do not like it it saggs in the middle I only weigh 185. I'm not happy with it. The support is to soft. Thumbs down for it.

3 Item(s)

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