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The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back


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The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner is one of Relax The Back®'s most popular products, and it's easy to see why: this is not your average Zero Gravity Chair. With a unique, dual pivot mechanism, The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner allows you to recline to any position with minimal effort. So sit back as your muscles, joints and spine recover from the effects of gravity.

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Customer Reviews

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Wears out after a few years. Review by DBH1911:

on 12/25/15

For the money this chair should last a lot longer.

inferior structure due to metal fatigue chair back falls off due to basic fatigue company will send new parts but will not fix it for you you are the sucker for believing the "life time warranty Review by pain124:

on 11/19/14

Back of chair falls off due to metal fatigue with ordinary use they will replace defective parts but will charge you for labor, pick-up and redelivery. Relax the back puts burden on customer
Stay away if your smart

Best recliner I have ever owned Review by Robert:

on 10/25/14

I have had this chair for almost a year and have to say that I love this chair. Bought it with the memory foam and deer run premium leather at the Greenwich, Ct store. It is truly an outstanding product. Love the fact that it is made in USA. My only issue is that there is no seperate adjustment for the legs. It would be nice if the leg postion could be adjusted separately.
Other than that it is five stars.

A Feel Good Chair BUT.... Review by DO:

on 10/19/14

I have significant spine damage, have owned 2 of the Human Touch Perfect Chairs- they were my beds too, as I could not lie flat on a mattress (a latex mattress ended that, TG!). was time to get a new chair and I tried out this Novus zero gravity chair in the store. I LOVED it right away, it had more cushion & support than the other brand. But after spending more & more time in the chair(at home) I found; It does not tilt back as far, the angles from hip to knee are too severe, making for blood flow issues in lower legs, feet & head, MOST of all-it does NOT get the weight off the spine since it doesn't tilt back enough.It only elevates the legs-but not over heart. I just wish I could take the cushioning from this chair and put it into the Human Touch zero gravity chair-all would be perfect. So....if you need to get the weight /compression off your spine, and/or spend a lot of time in the chair, my advice would be to NOT get this chair-get the other brand the Human Touch.
BTW: This Novus chair is also not as wide-if that matters to you.

Wanted Quality Review by Eliza:

on 10/11/14

We purchased our chair three years ago and unfortunately it has broken. First, the rubber stopper underneath the chair fell apart and now you can't even recline the chair, which was the whole point of buying it. We did get the floor sample but it seemed like it was in great shape when we got it. To see a couple thousand dollars go down the drain is not easy. It was the most expensive piece of furniture we own and now it's worthless.

Awesome but pricy Review by C.C.:

on 9/13/13

My buddy has this chair, it's my favorite chair in the world. I want to buy one, but it's expensive. I think it's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.

The chair I sat in at the store was great. The one I received is hard and uncomfortable and they won't accept returns or exchanges. Review by Rose:

on 3/8/13

I sat in this chair in the West Hartford store. It fit me like a glove. It was the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in.

The one I received is hard. You can feel the framing and straps through the seat and back. It doesn't fit my body at all.

After one week I called the store to try to return or exchange it or get store credit. I was told that there was no exchanges or returns on furniture.

I went back to the store to sit in the chair there again just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Again, the chair in the store was soft and comfortable and conformed perfectly to my body. Despite the difference between the chair in the store and the one I received, I was told there was nothing wrong with the chair I received and that is "just how they are made."

Very satisfied Review by Peter:

on 11/22/12

I tried out all the zero gravity chairs that were at the store. They had the complete line up in stock. I suffer from chronic low back pain from a herniated disk. I was encouraged to try the chairs out by lying in the one the owner felt was the best for 1/2 hour. As a fellow back pain sufferer the owner was a very compassionate and understanding individual. Best customer service I have experienced in any store. I am a physician and am well aware of the reasons for back pain with many back pain patients of my own. After trying all of the zero gravity chairs I would say the best chair for relieving back pain were the zero gravity chairs that came with the built in heaters and massagers. The heat and massage more than doubled the back pain relief. I think it is worth the extra money to get these 2 options built into the chair since unfortunately for many back pain is life long.In the zero gravity position with the heater on and massager on after 1/2 hour my back pain was totally gone and I felt totally relaxed.

I wish I had given this some more thought Review by wornstones:

on 11/1/12

I got this chair to replace a dilapidated recliner that was causing leg and lower back pain, and in the shop, it seemed to be the answer to my pain. This chair does keep the knees bent, which helps a lot, but now that I've spent a couple of days with it, I'm a little disappointed. The arm rests are very low, so you can't really use them to push yourself up to standing. The angle between your lap and back makes using a laptop computer uncomfortable. Also, I got the one with the motor, and I'm sorry I did that. The effort of getting out of the old recliner gave me a little more exercise. I had to push my legs down to come to a normal sitting position. I could also change sitting positions in the recliner, but there is only one position in this chair, and after about a half hour in that one position, it's difficult to if my muscles are stuck. In the fully reclined position, (knees higher than heart), it becomes difficult to breath, as if my lungs have too much weight on them. The quality is excellent, the leather is beautiful, and I couldn't ask for a better built chair, but it is not as comfortable as I thought it would be for long periods of sitting, and it's not ideal for laptop computer time. There's no way you can jump up out of it (if the doorbell rings), as the motor is slow to return the chair to a normal position for standing up. I have been accustomed to plopping down in the recliner and flipping back into comfort, but with this chair, I have to sit and then wait for the motor to take me to a comfortable angle. Lumbar pillow is a nice addition. I'm hoping I will like it more as time goes on, but if I had known then what I know now, I might not have purchased it. For the price, it has more issues than the lower priced recliners.

Novus zero gravity chair MADE IN USA, excellent quality & price! Review by Parrotmommie:

on 1/28/12

I almost bought Human Touch Perfect Chair until I found the Novus Zero Gravity chair at local Relax the Back store. Similar construction & identical comfort and design but it's made HERE in the USA, not Taiwan. Also it's $200 LESS and comes in more colors in premium leather and has a bult-in adjustable lumbar support. I like that the adjustable headrest pillow is attached on a leather strap so it won't fall off. It also comes completely covered in leather, i.e., no need to purchase extra leather BACK, like the Perfect Chair requires. It just goes to show, the USA products are just as good, and in this case, BETTER than those manufactured overseas.

10 Item(s)

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