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Novus Select Zero Gravity Chair


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Relieve back pain, stress, and muscle tension with the Novus Select Zero Gravity Chair. With sleek styling and smooth movement, the Novus Select Zero Gravity Chair provides optimal comfort while establishing neutral posture in the zero gravity position. Fully upholstered, the Novus Zero Gravity Chair also offers the convenience of fingertip recline/return function. Allow your lumbar spine to relax as you tilt to the doctor recommended zero gravity position.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing chair Review by Fred:

on 10/30/15

I've had my Novus Zero Gravity chair for about three years. Prior to getting my Novus Zero Gravity chair I was using an Ekorness Stressless recliner. Both chairs were the top-of-the-line models. The Novus chair is truly amazing. My lower back pain just disappears when I sit in this chair. If I've been stupid and overdid things with the resulting intense pain, all I have to do is sit in the Novus chair on top of a ColdPack for a couple of hours and the pain is gone. A great chair that for me is more than worth its high price.

A very happy and comfortable customer! Review by Happy Back:

on 7/27/15

This was not a rash purchase. We visited the Relax The Back store near us for a number of weeks and tested all of the chairs and almost immediately we both agreed on Novus Select Zero Gravity Chair. We bought two. Even though I'm the one with the back issues, my husband wanted one also. I was not able to sit in any of our chairs and until it arrived, I was even eating standing up. My issues, spondylolisthesis‎, arthritis, degenerative disc etc are still there but I am comfortable and functioning very well. If I'm uncomfortable, I head to my chair to work out the kinks and discomfort. David and Julie at Coconut Point Mall were both a terrific help in the selection process and at no point did we feel any pressure to rush and buy a chair.

Love it!!! Review by LauraM:

on 5/30/12

Can one have love at first sight with a chair???? I think so! From the moment I sat in it, I knew it was for me. It's difficult to find a recliner that is comfortable in the non-reclined position as well as the reclined position. Finally I can read in comfort and watch TV without my back killing me in one of those overly cushy recliners with no support. I've had major issues with my hips and lower back prior to this chair, and I can honestly say I feel so much better since I've had this chair. It really is incredible. I did get the top of the line chair with the memory foam and I really love it. Thank you, Relax The Back Walnut Creek! And thank you to Faye for a wonderful sales experience that didn't even feel like a sale! :)

3 Item(s)

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