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McCarty's Premium Sacro Ease w/ Wedge Seat


McCarty's Sacro Ease Wedge Seat Cushion elevates your hips to an ergonomically correct posture. Using soft memory foam material that conforms to your body, this wedge seat cushion hoists you above the center of your seat. Since the seat's middle offers the least amount of support for your body, this can often lead to aches and soreness in your lower back, tailbone, and backside. The Sacro Ease Wedge Seat helps offset this by providing the most support where your chair provides the least. This gives you additional backside and back support that's essential to your comfort and work productivity. This product is also known as McCarty's Premium Sacro Ease with Wedge Seat.

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Customer Reviews

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Didn't work for me Review by Jimbo:

on 4/10/15

Didn't work for me either in the car or at home in my office chair. In the car it made me sit too high and the mirror blocked my view. Almost hit another car at a 4 way stop on my way home. In my office chair my legs were numb from sitting on it. Very disappointing product.

Outstanding support and comfort Review by shadow:

on 3/26/15

I sustained a level 4 vertebral slippage of my spine,(spondylolisthesis) herniated discs, and severe lumbar stenosis. I had intractable pain. The only time I had any relief was using this seat. I still use it after my spine surgery in my auto as it aligns the spine better than any auto.

Thrilled with my purchase! Review by Vegas Girl:

on 7/6/14

I just purchased this item at the Northbrook, IL location of Relax The Back. Ever since I injured my back in 1995 (herniated disc), I have suffered from sporadic sciatica pain. Even though it is expensive, it is well worth the money to me. I plan to use this while I'm driving, whenever I travel, and at work/home. The associate at the Northbrook, IL location, Mr. William Royster, was very knowledgable and helpful to me. Thanks again, William.

Makes Long Car Rides Tolerable Review by Rocknrollchica2:

on 4/4/12

I travel a lot for my company and was in so much pain after long car rides. I figured I needed a premium back support to make my job tolerable. This cushion is WONDERFUL. I don't feel the bumps in the road and it gives me comfortable posture. I can't imagine driving without it now! It is worth the money!

Thanks for making setting more tolerable! Review by RAB:

on 4/16/11

I've had mine for 2-1/2 months. I purchased the tan covered one. The flight to California and back, over spring break ,was more enjoyable thanks to my Premium Sacroease w/ wedge. I can now tolerate the church pew on Sunday morning, and the folding chairs in class too. Taking a fall one year after a L4-L5-S1, 360 fusion, was not good to the SI Joints.

Expensive, but it works very well for me Review by NUNU:

on 2/4/11

Having tremendous back pains while driving, what a breeze now!

Pricy but worth it. Review by Lucy:

on 1/23/11

I brought this for my son that has had significant pain while siting in most any chair, car seat or sofa. This folding "stadium like seat" design is so portable that he takes it with him back and forth to college and moves it to every sitting location when home.

7 Item(s)

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