Scoliosis is a spinal condition that affects its alignment. A person with scoliosis has a spine that curves from side to side, often developing in adolescence before puberty, but sometimes occurring in adults as well. Adult scoliosis may also be the progression of an early childhood condition that was not diagnosed or treated before.

Pain from scoliosis may also be related to the muscles that are working overtime to compensate for the curve in the spine.


How We Can Help

We have products that help by providing spinal support, improving posture, relieving pressure on the spine, and soothing sore muscles.


Other Medical Issues

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  1. Cervical Pillow only, Back Wedge, and Leg Wedge sold separately.

    ContourSleep Cervical Pillow


    If you suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic muscle ache, or CFS, then a cervical pillow can make a huge difference.

    For both back and side sleepers. Learn More
  2. Contour Lumbar Cervical Back Cushion

    Contour Lumbar Cervical Back Cushion


    The Contour Lumbar Cervical Back Cushion gives you all-day back support so you can work productively. This cushion shapes around your body's contours to ease tension from your lower back and neck. The memory foam cushion is temperature-sensitive. Not only does this cushion feel great on your back, but it also helps keeps your spine aligned. This increases circulation through your body and reduces stress caused from excessive sitting. To get the ergonomic support you need at your office job, look no further than the Contour Lumbar Cervical Back Cushion. Learn More
  3. TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

    TEMPUR-Neck Pillow


    The TEMPUR-Neck Pillow, from Tempur-Pedic, is designed for maximum pressure relief. It's recommended for those seeking not only a better night's sleep but also a more therapeutic sleep. Learn More

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