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TravelLite Wedge Seat Cushion by Lifeform


Go anywhere, do anything and sit in complete comfort, no matter where you are. The Wedge Seat Cushion allows for ease and relaxation of the lower thigh for seamless support.


For unparalleled personal comfort, don't leave home without your TravelLite™ Wedge Seat Cushion by Lifeform®.

Contour Seat Technology promotes circulation and reduces joint pressure while the LIFE-foam visco-elastic memory foam conforms to your body.

This seat cushion also has a removable coccyx cutout for users with inflamed or sensitive tailbones.

Most seats indirectly encourage bad posture because they do not support the lower back and spine. This often results in drivers hunching over the steering wheel, contorting their backs into a “C” shape.

But, with the TravelLite's lower back support, you can sit in the ergonomically correct "S" curve position, with additional support under your hips as well.

  • Memory Foam Wedge Cushion
  • Removable Coccyx (Tail bone) Cut Out
  • Dream Weave Knit Cover (non-removable)
  • Vinyl Non-Slip Bottom
  • Zipper Closure
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • Details
    Fabric: Dream Weave Meridian in Black only.
    Coccyx cutout
    Two (2) year warranty against manufacture defects.
    Seat Cushion dimensions: 4"H x 20.5"W x 19"D 2.5lbs.
    Travel Lite (Regular & Wedge Seats) & Back Companion Cushions
    Two (2) year warranty against manufacturer defects.
    Travel Lite & Back Companion Cushions are Surface Washable Only – Removing the Cover will Void Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Lifeform Wedge Seat Cushion Review by Ramona W:

    on 5/26/15

    Ergonomic consultant recommended this cushion for me for traveling. I purchased it but thought it was expensive. I've been using it at home on my wooden kitchen chair and it's comfortable so I'll keep it even though I kind of cringe at the price, but if it helps my legs cause of the blood clots I'm all for it.

    No Regrets! Review by Wendy:

    on 5/26/15

    This seat is a life saver. Was hesitant to purchase due to the price, but it is well worth it and is paying off due to allowing me to sit longer and work. The dimensions are correct. The front part of the seat where the elevation is the lowest does not have a slight rise where it hits your thighs. (Other cushions I have purchased had that slight rise at the edge and caused me more pain.) It fits well in the office chairs as well as the car seats. Very satisfied!

    Used at work and in car. Review by J.R.:

    on 3/23/15

    I've used this this cushion for over two years. Yes, it is expensive (maybe too expensive). That's why the three stars. But the end result is it's helped me with my bulging lower back disc, after I removed the foam cutout.
    One thing: the memory foam becomes VERY hard after being left overnight in the car and the temperature was 50 degrees or below.

    Great soft Support Review by Parth V:

    on 7/10/14

    I had an emergency Hemr$$$d flare up and it was impossible to sit on my office chair. I ran to the nearest store and found this to be only acceptable fix. Tried other cushions and sub $200 seating solutions. I did get sticker shock at $160 and have the 30day return policy, but I think I am gonna keep it. I sit 1/3rd of my life on this chair so its a good investment. My weight - 255 lbs. PS it worked better with the removable insert in place.