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Too much sitting can take its toll on the spine. From compressing your back discs and decreasing circulation, sedentary work can lead to pain, stiffness, weight gain, and lost productivity. Likewise, hours of repetitive motion with a traditional mouse and keyboard can also lead to pinched nerves, wrist soreness, and other issues that result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Staying healthy at your office job doesn't need to be difficult. That’s why we offer ergonomic workstation products to reduce long-term pain caused by the modern desk job.

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Work in comfort with products from Relax The Back, ranging from stand up desks, ergonomic keyboards, lumbar supports, footrests, and more. Our ergonomic workstation products are designed to give you lasting comfort at the office while improving your physical well-being. Reduce back pain, neck pain, and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) with products that support the body's natural posture and prevent unhealthy habits. Ergonomic products not only make your work day more comfortable, but they also keep your body healthier for years to come.

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  1. Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk from Relax The Back

    Electric Standing Desk


    The Adjustable Electric Standing Desk by Relax The Back is the answer for those struggling with back problems or having a hard time sitting for prolonged periods of time at work. Learn More
  2. Motorized Standing Table

    Motorized Standing Table


    Our Motorized Standing Table features mechanical adjustable legs that will quietly raise or lower the laminate tabletop, allowing for optimal comfort. Learn More
  3. Humanscale Float is an adjustable ergonomic floating desk available at Relax The Back

    Humanscale Ergonomic Floating Desk


    Work in comfort with the Humanscale Float. This ergonomic floating desk got its name from its ability to smoothly "float" up and down during height adjustment. Learn More
  4. Ascend Desk by Relax The Back

    Ascend Desk by Relax The Back


    Ascend to new heights with the Ascend Desk by Relax the Back! The unconventional pairing of an eco-friendly bamboo top with a sleek yet very sturdy modern height & width adjustable electric desk base, will leave you speechless. The desk moves at a surprising speed of 1.7” per second with noiseless perfection. Learn More

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