The quality of your sleep greatly affects the quality of your life. Relax The Back has a great selection of ergonomic mattresses to choose from.

Our memory foam and latex mattresses give you a great night's sleep by fitting to the unique contours of your body. This reduces pressure on your shoulders and hips. Our air technology mattress has integrated air chambers and it allows you to select the precise comfort level that's right for you.

Our adjustable bases provide even greater comfort. Adjust the head and foot to reduce pressure on your lower back by putting you in a neutral posture position for better circulation and a more restful night's sleep.

SAVE up to $1,596* on the PureSeries Mattress Closeout Event

*Discount already applied to PureFit and PureRelax Mattresses. Example savings based on PureRelax King model. Pricing varies depending on model. Limited quantity available.

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  1. TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe

    TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe

    From: $3,199.00

    To: $10,443.00

    TEMPUR-Cloud® Luxe is Tempur-Pedic’s softest bed, providing the plushest TEMPUR® comfort and the deepest adaptive support. You’ll appreciate the innovative moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ System that keeps you comfortable, and the EasyRefresh™ Top Cover that’s simple to remove, wash and replace. Learn More
  2. The GrandBed by Tempur-Pedic

    The GrandBed by Tempur-Pedic

    From: $7,499.00

    To: $13,198.00

    Combining unsurpassed luxury with the technologically advanced materials that made Tempur-Pedic® world famous. Learn More
  3. TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody Luxe

    TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody Luxe

    From: $2,999.00

    To: $9,885.00

    TEMPUR-Contour™ Rhapsody Luxe is a favorite combination of deep contouring comfort and Tempur-Pedic’s famous support. You’ll love the EasyRefresh™ Top Cover that’s simple to remove, wash and replace, and the moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ System. Learn More
  4. TEMPUR-Cloud Elite

    TEMPUR-Cloud Elite

    From: $2,599.00

    To: $9,085.00

    Step up to TEMPUR-Cloud® Elite with an even thicker and softer TEMPUR® comfort layer for more pressure relief. The innovative moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ System keeps you comfortable, while the EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is simple to remove, wash and replace. Learn More
  5. ChiliBed Hot & Cold Technology

    ChiliBed Hot & Cold Technology

    From: $2,199.00

    To: $7,386.00

    Dual-zone allows you to adjust the water temperature anywhere from 46°F – 118°F. Temperature results in the bed surface as cool as 60°F and as warm as 110°F. Learn More
  6. RTB900 Airbed Sleep System

    RTB900 Airbed Sleep System

    From: $2,099.00

    To: $4,199.00

    The RTB900 Airbed is set apart in design and innovation with a completely new type of air construction. Learn More
  7. TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze

    TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze

    From: $4,199.00

    To: $12,354.00

    The softest mattress, with the comfort and proper spinal support you need to fully relax and get truly luxurious sleep. Learn More
  8. TEMPUR-Choice Luxe

    TEMPUR-Choice Luxe

    From: $3,199.00

    To: $10,443.00

    Introducing the TEMPUR-Choice mattress collection. Learn More
  9. PureFit Gel Mattress

    PureFit Gel Mattress

    From: $0.00

    To: $2,998.00

    Finding the right position for a good night’s sleep just got easier with a mattress that has seven-zoned support sections that actually sculpt to your body. The added comfort of cooling gel dissipates body heat so you can sleep through the night. Learn More
  10. Technogel Estasi Mattress

    Technogel Estasi Mattress

    From: $3,074.00

    To: $7,947.00

    A refreshing sleep can be yours night after night with Estasi+, the ultimate gel experience. Constructed with a full layer of Technogel, this mattress features a unique design that cradles your whole body and specially targets shoulders and hips. Estasi+ delivers a sublime sleeping experience with unsurpassed comfort and support. Learn More

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