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Back wedge in upright position with optional cervical pillow

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ContourSleep Back Wedge


Use the ContourSleep Back Wedge Pillow to relieve spine pressure, soothe muscle tension, and increase blood circulation.


This wedge pillow relieves lower back pain, muscle spasms, and other everyday discomforts while you relax and sleep. Use it to sit up or lie back and experience the Zero Gravity position.

Upgrade with the Cervical Pillow for extra neck support or upgrade with the Leg Wedge to ease strain on the knees and help relieve pain associated with varicose veins.

Plush terry fabric covers are removable and washable and provide soft, breathable comfort.
Back wedge converts in two positions only.
Upright: 16"L x 23.5"W x 24"H
Converted: 37"L x 10"H
Note: Cervical pillow sold separately.

Customer Reviews

One a year Review by Earnest Bunbury:

on 1/4/15

I weigh 250 (down from 320!) and that amount of pressure on these pillows does make them become soft and less supportive over time. I purchase about one a year and have several. These can fold flat to provide great leg support as well (see the picture of the lady lying on one of these lying flat with her feet up on another RTB pillow product and imagine your legs where her back is with your thighs going up the short end that is facing you, terrific!) and I use these all day, every day... even as I type! I just wish they held support longer but that would require them being made of harder material. Even after 7 years, my first one still works (with a little work and added foam) to provide good leg support which is less demanding than a fat dude's back pressing up against it. I give it 3 thumbs up! :-)

No pillow but shows it Review by Sme:

on 7/22/14

Great but no pillow and instructions...not even online.

Great pillow! Review by Tommycabos girl:

on 11/3/13

Love this wedge! Did not expect the smaller pillow but agree with others, where are the instructions for different pillow configurations? Salesman flipped here and there and made it look so easy! But what parts I have figured out are awesome! Slept comfortably for the first time after surgery a week ago. Have been using tons of pillows to get comfortable. This wedge and one more pillow did it!!! Thanks!

Great Product Review by lizyt:

on 11/2/12

after becoming disabled 12 years ago I started sleeping using this wedge. it is so comfortable and the quality is excellent. in fact it has lasted all these years. I am going to buy another,though,just to have a spare. it's expensive compared to others on the market,but well worth it.

Instructions and Pillow Review by Cinders:

on 8/18/12

I have to agree with most of the reviews about the pillow not being part of the set and lack of instructions. I got home and was sort of confused about how to use the wedge correctly, even after the demo. I figured I didn't need to pay too much attention to the sales guy since he made it look so simple. I was also very excited about the pillow and bummed when it wasn't in the bag. I did however, notice after my purchase that on the website it's clearly stated the pillow is sold seperatly. I will make due with what I have and enjoy being able to sleep without back pain.

a lifesaver for those with POTS syndrome Review by dno:

on 8/13/12

Daughter has POTS and has to sleep at a 45-degree angle. This wedge has definitely improved her quality of life. (Would have to agree, though, that the picture of the pillow is misleading! Maybe better to have a smaller "suggested use" picture inset?)

Instructions? Review by Cowgirl:

on 5/24/12

The young man did a good job of flipping and truning the sleep wedge in the store, but no instructions when I opend the product at home!
Store diplay misleading: it appears that the pillow is part of the unit...not so! ;-/

beware, this comes with NO pillow Review by sirMAD:

on 5/6/12

The wedge serves the purpose, but the picture is misleading. A pillow does NOT come with this - it is sold separately. Big drag considering the drive back to RTB would be another hour for me and I am too uncomfortable to do it (broken ribs.)