Hot/Cold Therapy

The extremes of hot and cold water cause your muscles to expand and contract which offers gentle detoxification as toxins are squeezed from your muscles. It also improves circulation and the benefits of improved circulation shouldn't be underestimated. When your body has poor circulation, it's impeded in delivering fresh blood to all areas of the body.

At Relax The Back we offer many types of Hot & Cold therapy products such as the Moji Neck+ Heat Wrap a reversible warming wrap for the neck, middle and upper back that eases muscle tension, stiffness and pain. Just place in the microwave and put this vest-like garment on your neck, or flip it over to target your mid-upper back with amazing moist heat therapy.

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  1. Dr. Cohen's Acuball Kit

    Dr. Cohen's Acuball Kit


    The Acuball safely applies acupressure heat to painful, congested areas of the body. The Acuball comes with an empowering 190 page book and a 60 minute DVD. Learn More
  2. Dr. Cohen's Heatable AcuBack Kit

    Dr. Cohen's Heatable AcuBack Kit


    Do you slouch forward at your computer? The HEATABLE Acuback creates effortless upright posture while releasing tight muscles and joints. Learn More
  3. Standard

    MediBeads Moist Heat Pads


    Use on the body to reduce pain from: Arthritis, Aching Muscles, Cramps, Back Pain, and Joint Pain. Learn More
  4. Cervical

    ProtoCold Reusable Cold Therapy Pads


    Protocold products provide cold therapy that complies with medically accepted protocols. Learn More
  5. Moji Back Heat Cell (additional)

    Moji Back Heat Cell (additional)


    Moji Back Heat Cell provides heat to relieve tired, stressed out muscles, while conforming to the natural curves of your spine. Learn More
  6. Dr. Cohen's Acuball Mini

    Dr. Cohen's Acuball Mini


    Release tight muscles groups in the feet, hands, shoulders and upper back with the Acuball Mini Heatable Massager. Learn More

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