Ergonomic Office Footrests

Footrests often go overlooked when people discuss ergonomic office solutions. In reality, footrests are a necessity and can make just as big a difference on your overall body comfort as a backrest. Ergonomic office footrests can give you the power to angle your legs in a natural, ergonomic position between your thigh and upper body. Supportive footrests can increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body, prevent cramps and stiffness, and help improve your posture to reduce pains in other areas such as the back. To keep your legs active while you work, check out Relax The Back's extensive selection of adjustable, large, rocking, massaging, or padded footrests to complete your ergonomic office setup.

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  1. Humanscale Rocking Foot Machine

    Humanscale Rocking Foot Machine


    The Humanscale Rocking Foot Machine acts as both a footrest for comfort and a "rocking chair for your feet" to keep your legs rejuvenated. The combination of these features helps increase circulation throughout your body and prevent metabolism from slowing down while you sit. This leads to not only a more comfortable sitting experience, but also a healthier way to work and provide ergonomic benefits for your upper back. To keep your muscles fresh and active while you sit, rest your feet on the Humanscale Rocking Foot Machine and let your legs sway freely. Learn More
  2. Humanscale Foot Massage Machine

    Humanscale Foot Massage Machine


    The Humanscale Foot Massage Machine is an all-in-one solution for relieving stress in your body. The five rows of smooth massaging balls stimulate the pressure points in your feet to reduce tension and alleviate soreness after long days in the office or the gym. In addition, the foot massage machine has the benefits of a footrest, allowing you to extend your feet in a natural, ergonomic posture to increase circulation, prevent blood clots, and reduce pressure from your upper body. To have an on-demand foot massage every day to revive your feet, look no further than the Humanscale Foot Massage Machine. Learn More
  3. Lifeform Ultimate Executive Padded Footrest

    Lifeform Ultimate Executive Padded Footrest


    Ultimate foot comfort translates to ultimate comfort for the entire body. This is certainly the case with the Lifeform Ultimate Executive Padded Footrest. This ergonomic footrest is designed with temperature-sensitive patented LIFE Foam material to reduce pressure on tired feet and improve your circulation. This footrest is adjustable, so you can have your legs extend towards any angle as you enjoy the soft premium leather on your soles. Unwind every evening with the Lifeform Ultimate Executive Padded Footrest and give your feet the memory foam comfort they deserve. Learn More

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