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The SleepMask by Tempur-Pedic


The SleepMask by Tempur-Pedic® is filled with pressure-relieving TEMPUR® material conforming exactly to the shape of your face to eliminate any light that can disturb your sleep.


Our Tempur-Pedic® eye mask sleep aid comforms exactly to the shape of your face to eliminate any light that can disturb your sleep. This sleep mask has an elastic band with hook-and-loop fastener and the soft velour cover makes this mask so cozy you'll take it everywhere.

Customer Reviews

Fewer Wrinkles Around My Eyes Review by Joyce:

on 9/24/13

I have been using one of these eye masks since Brookstone used to sell them. They are awesome in blocking light, but I also noticed that some wrinkles around my right eye disappeared after I started using the mask. I sleep on my right side and I guess the mask cushions my eyes so that I am not getting "pressure wrinkles" where the side of my face hits the pillow. I will use this product forever for just that reason. Much cheaper and more effective than wrinkle cream!

amazing -- and so very helpful Review by Jennie:

on 6/12/12

I agree with all the previous reviews. I use this sleep mask every night, and it has really helped with my insomnia. Great for traveling too -- completely blocks out all sources of light on a plane.

A+++ definitely worth trying -- and an excellent value.

the one thing I would take to the desert island with her Review by Good Sleep:

on 5/24/12

Ditto to her comments. Mu calls the eyeshades my woooooogie. Definitly have a tough time sleeping without them, AAAAA++

Best mask ever Review by Liz:

on 5/21/12

Received as a Christmas gift ~5 years ago. I use it everynight, and absolutely love it. I've tried many other eye masks before, but the tempur-pedic mask is by far the very best. To keep it clean, I wash it in cold water in the washing machine, and hang it to dry.

The one thing I would take to a deserted island Review by Kris's:

on 3/19/12

I have been using one of these to help my sleep for many years now and it has changed my life. Seriously. I sleep so much better now. Actually, I cannot sleep without one. I give this the highest review for a product that I could ever give, if I could give it an A+++!