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The Cambridge Lift Chair by Relax The Back

SKU# PR711

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The Cambridge Recliner Lift Chair is a unique design in lift chairs. Beautifully designed, this recliner lift chair features a memory foam seat cusion and an ergonomic neck pillow for maximum support. In the zero gravity position, muscle tension is soothed, pressure on the spine is relieved and fatigue is counteracted all while you recline in complete comfort with the Cambridge Recliner Lift Chair.

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Using the classic “club chair” design, the Cambridge Recliner Lift Chair features luggage stitching on the backrest, supremely detailed rolled armrests with a classic nail-head finish, and a sophisticated cover in Silt or Mahogany. You can relax in the supportive comfort of a memory foam seat cushion. The Cambridge Recliner Lift Chair comes standard with an ergonomic neck pillow for additional support.

For people who need assistance getting out of or into their favorite chair, The Cambridge gives them an extra lift! The Cambridge Lift Chair moves effortlessly through a variety of seated and reclined positions, including a pre-programmed Zero Gravity position. This position counteracts fatigue, reduces muscle tension and spinal pressure, in addition to helping improve your circulation.
The Zero Gravity Position - The zero gravity position approximates the weightless conditions of outer space, in which the body experiences the absolute minimum of internal and external forces.
Correct Spinal Alignment - The proper neutral position for the S-Curve of your spine is maintained along the three regions of your back; cervical (neck) thoracic (upper back), and lumbar (lower back).
Back Pressure Relief - The lumbar region (lower back), especially, is relieved of almost all pressure. Disc compression is greatly reduced or eliminated completely.
Expanded Lung Capacity - Via the open angle created between the torso and thighs, breathing is improved, thereby increasing oxygen level in the blood.
Improved Circulation - With the legs elevated above the heart, stress on the hear is minimized, and oxygen-rich blood can be pumped to fatigued muscles to help them recover faster.
The Neutral Position - The neutral posture position maintains the four natural curves of your spine to minimize strain on supporting muscles and ligaments. This is the optimal posture to prevent back and muscle pain.
-Weight Capacity: 375 LB
-Head Rest Cover: NO
-Weighted Head Pillow: YES
-Battery Back Up: YES
-Overall Width: 38.5"
-Overall Height: 43"
-Seat Depth: 19.5"
-Distance Required from Wall to Recline 21"
-Warranty on Electrical Parts: 3 YRS
-Prorated Warranty Years: 4 - 7 YES
-Warranty on Mechanical Labor: 3 YRS
-Warranty on Electrical Labor: 1 YR