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Self Inflating Back Rest - Bow Tie


Our Self-Inflating Portable Back Rest adjusts to give your back the proper support in a car, plane or restaurant.


Here's a back rest pillow for wherever you sit. Simply release the valve and this self-inflating back rest provides lumbar support in a car, airplane, or restaurant.

It will automatically deflate with ease when you are ready to go and it can fit in any purse or briefcase.

Made of puncture-resistant nylon.

If you work long hours sitting down, or if you have a long-daily commute, a Self-Inflating Portable Back Rest, can relieve some of your aches and pains. Just release the valve and the back rest provides instant support.

Don't hunch over at the keyboard or steering wheel - try an inflatable back rest from Relax The Back.

It also makes an excellent gift for anyone experiencing back pain associated with herniated discs or sciatica.
Made of puncture-resistant nylon.
Color: Charcoal gray only.
Bowtie backrest recommended for people with smaller body frames (5'4" and below)
Dimensions: 6"H x 16"W x 2"D (when inflated)

Customer Reviews

Love these little gems! Review by Eric B.:

on 1/24/15

We read about these nifty little back rests and bought one for each of us. They really make a big difference and help reduce back pain. Just got them and love them already.

help if back pillow is lost Review by MaryLou:

on 8/26/14

I lost my back pillow, I think, when I got out of our Jeep. I decided to put my first name and phone number on all my things that could be lost. I finally gave up looking for it and will replace it.

Can't Live Without It Review by Toni:

on 3/12/12

I have been using this pillow for years and years. I go nowhere without it. I've lost about 3 or 4 merely because when I'm using it, I get so comfortable, I walk off without it. Once I left it on a plane. Two weeks later when I went to the air terminal where I lost it, I found it in the "lost and found." I've recommended it to friends, and they all love it. Here's a hint to help from losing it. Write yourself a note and leave the note on the front seat of the car you traveled in. That way, if you have forgotten it, the note will remind you to go back and retrieve it.

love the pillow. Used it in car, at field events, bed, car, plane among other places. Review by annie banana:

on 3/24/11

I had one of these several years ago and never went anywhere without it. However, we went to the Olympic trials in Sacramenta and sitting on the bleachers proved bad. In adjusting myself the pillow fell below the bleachers and the guards would let no one go underneath the bleachers b ecvvause of security. Even security guardes and guard dogs were not allowed to go look for it. I will probably order 2 and even then, put long cords on them so I can fasten them to my purse or me.

I love this pillow Review by RG:

on 12/23/10

this pillow brought instant relieve to my back while traveling. The only problem is I left it on the plane! Next time I am buying 2. Never want to be without it.

great for travel Review by Little Miss:

on 10/13/10

I've been using this product for years now and am a true fan! I've gifted it to a lot of my friends and family that travel often and everyone Ive given it to asks where I bought it. I like the bowtie shaped one better because it fits the small of my back properly compared to the rectangle. I think the rectangle is for the average - tall height and that's not me.

Fantastic! Review by Happy Man:

on 5/27/10

I have had 2 or 3 of these pillows, and they are terrific.
They work as detailed, and it is like magic.
The only problem i have with them is i always leave them on the