Back Cushions

Craving a little more support for your back when sitting in the car or while working? Back cushions are the perfect solution for those looking for some extra lumbar support. Back rests provide lumbar support for your back quickly and conveniently, excellent for people with a herniated disc or sciatica. Back cushions ensure that your back does not fall into the habit of slouching after prolonged sitting by keeping your hips and shoulders perfectly aligned while helping you maintain a neutral posture.

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Create the ideal seating environment for your back with one of our many back and lumbar cushions, ideal for reducing upper and lower back pain wherever you are.

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  1. Contour Back Support Cushion

    Contour Back Support Cushion


    Prevent and relieve low back pain in ways never before possible with this breakthrough in lower back support and comfort. Maintain good posture anywhere. Learn More
  2. Keri Lumbar Cushion

    Keri Lumbar Cushion


    Find lower back support and stability with the body conforming Keri Lumbar Cushion. Shop now at Relax The Back or at a location near you. Learn More
  3. Back Rest Cover w/ Strap

    Back Rest Cover w/ Strap


    Self-Inflating Back Rest Cover with strap. Lessen your back pain by reducing the stress on your spine with a back rest. Learn More
  4. Mobility Lumbar Support by Relax The Back

    Mobility Lumbar Support by Relax The Back


    A mobile pain relieving device targeted for compression to provide immediate back pain relief. Learn More
  5. TEMPUR All-Purpose Pillow

    TEMPUR All-Purpose Pillow


    Multi-Tasking Pillow Delivers Ergonomic Support. Learn More
  6. Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion

    Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion


    High version of the Keri Cushion for taller users. Take the pressure off your spine while reducing your stress. Learn More
  7. Pilot Spot Lumbar Support

    Pilot Spot Lumbar Support


    Sit pain-free. Discover the airline pilot's secret weapon-an ergonomic seat back that promotes spinal alignment, moves with you, activates core muscles, and forces seated movement for a healthier, more comfortable commute. Durable knitted fabric cover in four colors. Learn More

Items 11 to 17 of 17 total

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