Back Cushions

Craving a little more support for your back when sitting in the car or while working? Back cushions are the perfect solution for those looking for some extra lumbar support. Back rests provide lumbar support for your back quickly and conveniently, excellent for people with a herniated disc or sciatica. Back cushions ensure that your back does not fall into the habit of slouching after prolonged sitting by keeping your hips and shoulders perfectly aligned while helping you maintain a neutral posture.

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Create the ideal seating environment for your back with one of our many back and lumbar cushions, ideal for reducing upper and lower back pain wherever you are.

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  1. Self-Inflating Back Rest - Rectangle

    Self-Inflating Back Rest - Rectangle


    The Self-inflating Back Rest from Relax The Back provides the perfect lumbar support on a plane, at the movies, in a car, while dining, and so much more. Learn More
  2. Self Inflating Back Rest - Bow Tie

    Self Inflating Back Rest - Bow Tie


    Our Self-Inflating Portable Back Rest adjusts to give your back the proper support in a car, plane or restaurant. Learn More
  3. Contour Lumbar/Cervical Cushion

    Contour Lumbar/Cervical Cushion


    The Contour Lumbar/Cervical Cushion is also good after hard day's work, when your body needs to rest and recuperate. Learn More
  4. BetterBack Seat Support

    BetterBack Seat Support


    With the help of doctors and the medical profession, the BetterBack® is widely recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, and thousands of satisfied users. Learn More
  5. Seat Pad fully covered

    Technogel Living Supports


    Enjoy superior back and seating support at work, home or on the road with the Technogel Living Supports. Learn More
  6. The LumbarCushion by Tempur-Pedic

    The LumbarCushion by Tempur-Pedic


    Just right for your home or office, the Tempur-Pedic® LumbarCushion means no more suffering from a tired or aching back. Learn More
  7. TravelLite Backrest by Lifeform

    TravelLite Backrest by Lifeform


    The TravelLite™ Backrest by Lifeform® Companion gives you adjustable lumbar support wherever you go.

    Backrest and seat cushion sold separately. Learn More
  8. Contour Lumbar Cushion

    Contour Lumbar Cushion


    Three way support designed to reduce pressure on the lower spine. This Lumbar Cushion can be used in multiple locations, including restaurants, concerts and more. Learn More
  9. LumbarCushion by Tempur-Pedic - Travel

    LumbarCushion by Tempur-Pedic - Travel


    The LumbarCushion by Tempur-Pedic™ - Travel supports your lower and mid back while seated to help you maintain a good body posture. Learn More
  10. Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion

    Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion


    High version of the Keri Cushion for taller users. Take the pressure off your spine while reducing your stress. Learn More

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