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Craving a little more support for your back when sitting in the car or while working? Back cushions are the perfect solution for those looking for some extra lumbar support. Back rests provide lumbar support for your back quickly and conveniently, excellent for people with a herniated disc or sciatica. Back cushions ensure that your back does not fall into the habit of slouching after prolonged sitting by keeping your hips and shoulders perfectly aligned while helping you maintain a neutral posture.

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Create the ideal seating environment for your back with one of our many back and lumbar cushions, ideal for reducing upper and lower back pain wherever you are.

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  1. BetterBack Seat Support

    BetterBack Seat Support


    With the help of doctors and the medical profession, the BetterBackĀ® is widely recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, and thousands of satisfied users. Learn More
  2. Lifeform TravelLite Lumbar Cushion

    Lifeform TravelLite Lumbar Cushion


    The Lifeform TravelLite Lumbar Cushion gives adjustable lumbar support that's perfect for any commute or travel. This backrest uses patented LIFE-Foam material and adjustable Schukra support for extra cushioning on your back wherever you go. The ergonomic design makes any travel or commute more enjoyable while its shape also promotes improved posture while relieving existing back pain and tension. The Lumbar Cushion is not only lightweight and portable for easy use, but it also has the density and architecture to make your back feel supported no matter where you are. Learn More
  3. Mobility Lumbar Support by Relax The Back

    Mobility Lumbar Support by Relax The Back


    A mobile pain relieving device targeted for compression to provide immediate back pain relief. Learn More
  4. McCarty's Sacro Ease Keri Lumbar Cushion

    McCarty's Sacro Ease Keri Lumbar Cushion


    McCarty's Sacro Ease Keri Lumbar Cushion provides first-rate back support for anyone needing relief. With a steel frame and rubber to keep the memory foam material more stable, this is a much more durable and reliable backrest than the average foam model. The Keri Cushion can reduce muscle tension and stress caused by sitting in unsupportive chairs and seats. With a strapping system to keep the cushion stable and an ergonomic shape to keep your back naturally aligned and supported, the McCarty's Sacro Ease Keri Lumbar Cushion has the remedial effect to make you feel supported and fresh. Learn More
  5. McCarty's Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion

    McCarty's Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion


    The McCarty's Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion uses the same memory foam technology and steel frame support of the Sacro Ease Keri Lumbar Cushion to soothe your high back. Since many chairs are made with flat backs that could do serious damage to you, the Keri High Back Lumbar Cushion actually has an ergonomic shape that fits around your upper back so it can feel supported rather than pressed against. This backrest is small enough to carry around, but powerful enough to make your normal chair feel like luxury furniture. Learn More
  6. Humantool Pilot Spot Backrest

    Humantool Pilot Spot Backrest


    Ever wonder how pilots can sit comfortably for hours and not experience back pain? Humantool knows the secret and they've even emulated this technology into the Pilot Spot Backrest. This ergonomic seat back helps keep you stay aligned while activating core muscles to help you feel healthy and revitalized throughout your commute. Not only does the Pilot Spot Backrest give your back luxurious comfort, but it also improves your entire upper body posture while activating metabolism that usually slows down when you're seated. To alleviate back pain and keep your body energized, look no further than the Humantool Pilot Spot Backrest.

    Product also known as: Pilot Spot Lumbar Support Learn More

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