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Treat Your Own Back Book


Learn more about how the back works, what to do in case of injury or pain, and how to correct your posture.


WAS $15.00


Take control of your own back pain with this easy-to-follow, illustrated manual.

New Zealand Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie is known around the world for his advances in spine treatment and "Treat Your Own Back" reveals his diagnosis and treatment system using his special back-care techniques.

His techniques have become widely accepted and are now taught in many physical therapy schools. Topics include education, posture awareness, exercises, prevention and a "Panic Page" for back emergencies.
8th edition. Illustrated, soft cover, 80 pages. Books are non-returnable.

Customer Reviews

athlete with lower back pain Review by steve:

on 1/25/14

I am pretty active 45 year old playing hockey and doing 5ks and triathlons, but this summer I ramped up things and for the first time in my life, I got lower back pain and pain in butt and down one leg. So, I tried to stretch out and was primarily hunching over forward trying to stretch my back side down my leg etc. Coupled with lacing my skates hunched over a few times a week... Well, this book made me realize I was stretching my spine in one direction, forward and neglecting flexing it backwards (lordosis), so I was actually reducing flexibility of my spine. I have been doing the exercises in the book for over a month now while remaining active and I can finally sleep at night in my bed. I also have put a board under my mattress as it was sagging like a hammock and knock on wood, I feel like my old self. But, I am being religious about spending 5-10 minutes stretching my back, forward backward, gentle twists etc. I think what this book mostly did for me was make me realize that most likely my back wasn't seriously injured, that with time and care it would get better. That was huge for me. Obviously, all people have different issues.

Herniated Disc Review by BP:

on 12/29/12

I have a herniated disc L5 w/ pain down my leg. i went to a certified McKenzie instructor who showed me the exercises and its just amazing how its helped! It was my last hope as I didn't want surgery. Its not a cure but when I'm in pain I know what to do. The book is great and also teaches you about your posture. Its a great resource, everyone who has back problems should have it on hand. I tell everyone about this book and the website when they ask how my back is.

Saved My Life Review by Eileen:

on 8/12/12

This book saved my life, twice!!! I recommend it to everyone! Eileen Maastricht