Want a more pain free and stress free lifestyle? Love your zero gravity recliner already? Let us help make your life easier with accessories for our wide variety of zero gravity recliners like the Human Touch® Perfect Chair®. Turn a couple chairs into a full blown theatre seating with accessory tables, spanner wedge tables, laptop desks, and theatre tables just to name a few.

The Zero Gravity Recliner has the added benefit of improving circulation, so your heart can work less and you can relax more.

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  1. Perfect Chair Laptop Desk

    Perfect Chair Laptop Desk


    The perfect accessory for the Perfect Chair. Learn More
  2. Perfect Chair Accessory Table

    Perfect Chair Accessory Table


    You'll never want to leave your Perfect Chair® once you add the accessory table. Learn More
  3. Perfect Chair Spanner Wedge Table

    Perfect Chair Spanner Wedge Table


    The Wedge tables are ideal accessories for two or more Perfect Chairs® and are great for entertainment rooms, home theatres and much more. Learn More

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